How to create bar codes for stock items in report designer

  • 25 August 2022
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How do you create barcode labels for stock items using the report designer?

I have configured the report to print barcodes for each item, however, the printed bar codes for each item are all exactly the same.

 Am I missing something here? 



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First barcodes are added to Stock items on the Cross-Reference page. Then the Alternate ID field (where alternate type = Barcode) is added to the report as a Picture Box.

I can’t remember the exact settings for the Behavior and Data section;  tell the report writer the Field name to print is INItemXRef.AlternateId and choose proper type of Barcode.  I hope I’ve given enough information to help you.

Also, an example of the output of your report may help the next person, in case I have not given enough information; please consider posting the printed results. Thanks!

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Thank you Chris. That worked!

Following your instructions, my report settings are as follows:

I didn’t do any changes to the barcode settings on the report designer.

Are there any other fields one can use for the barcodes? What I need now are bar code labels for the warehouses and also for lot/serial numbers. 

What I have done for the warehouses, is created  a ‘dummy’ inventory and added all warehouse ID’s to the AlternateID of the ‘dummy’ inventory. It seems to work too, but I wondered if there is a more straight forward way to do this.

Any ideas how to create the barcodes for the lot/serial no’s?

Thanks again for you help.

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Yes, I believe you can create a barcode out of any set of numbers/letters you want.  If you want a barcode representing the Warehouses, you can turn Warehouse ID into a bar code, and/or Warehouse-location ID, using the above steps.

I wanted to show adding an Attribute/ User Defined Field to the warehouses to hold the text field that represents barcode for the warehouse, but I don’t see ability to connect an Attribute. Could be a new Idea for this website to allow addition of UDF/Attribute in every screen or could be, I need more coffee. 😉


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Thank you Laura. Yes an attribute would be helpful.

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I found the solution, where the INSite table can be used for the barcode of the warehouse, so no alternative ID required. The same for the lot/serial number.

Thank you

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@suemackeown13 can you share the .rpx file you created for a single item barcode?

It’s baffling that Acumatica does not have an out of the box report to print item barcodes...


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