How to Configure Discounts to achieve these four goals

  • 24 August 2021
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Please help us configure discounts to achieve these five goals:


  1. Customer Price Classes with 10%, 15% and 18% discounts on some, but not all, Item Classes.
  2. Volume Price Discounts of 10% for aggregate purchases of $2,000 from specified Item Classes and discounts of 15% for aggregate purchases of $3,500 from specified Item Classes.  Products from any of the specified Item Classes count to achieving the volume purchase levels. n
  3. The customer would get the higher of the Customer Price Discount or the Volume Discount, but not both.  In other words, the customer gets the higher / better of the discounts and cannot “stack” the discounts.
  4.  No matter what discount applies, the discount amount is booked on the GL so we can track discounts.
  5. The amount of the discount shows on the invoice so the customer can see it. 

Your ideas and help are greatly appreciated.  


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I left off a sixth requirement.  The discounted price for each item must show up on the invoice  

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Try using group discount with combination of customer price class and item price class and create sequence for system to look up the applicable discount.

Discount Code:

Seq 1: For customer price class 10%.


Add customer price class 10% here:


For specified item price class that you can link to item class:


Seq 2: For customer price class 15%. The break amount of $2K is not relevant here because the customers under this price class will get 15% off discount anyway.

15% customer price class here:


and so on, same idea for customer price class 18%.

Note: I am not sure of what purchase quantity (count) affect here as you didn’t put detail for it.

Also, discount amount will be posted to GL after releasing invoice if you specify discount account in customer record (tab GL Accounts).

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Thank you.  I will test this our sandbox.  I greatly appreciate your ideas.

I know this is an old post. I have the discount working on the line level like the above said to do. I was wondering if there is a way to set customer up on a discount price list but also to give them customer specific pricing without the discount being applied. Sometimes we have to give customers better pricing on a specific item.

example- a customer is a good customer and they receive a 5% off on all standard parts but on a couple of parts he needs a different price if he orders 1, 10 and 100 but will receive no additional because we are giving him his best price. 

thanks in advance. 


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