Displaying Item purchase hsitory on/from PO screen

  • 8 September 2021
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    I’d like to show purchasing history (Unit cost and qty) on selection of each  item on POline.
I firstly thought it would be achevied by side panel. But item id on po line can not be passed on to side panel easily. 


In the above artile, this might be a way, but it is too complex that I would like to try it last.

Is there any other can help me acheive my goal. I mean, side panel is an option. Also, something like pop up window can be accepted, just how to do it.  Or navigation to another screen with the line selection parameter can also help.
Please advise.


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3 replies

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    I merely fulfill my need with side panel and pop up window.


1,  put the po line info into the side panel.

2, click the item id in side panel, to show its purchase history.

Is there any better way to do it?

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Hi @ray20,

I am the ERP Product Manager - Product Success here at Acumatica and i would like to have a guided tour of your solution.  It looks quite creative.  Would you be willing to meet me?  If so, i’ll email you a Teams meeting invite.




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@Dana Moffat 
Hi,  Thank you for the invitation. But I am currently working in a different country. 
My solution is actually quite simple, I bet you and your teams can do things 10 times better than me.
What I have done is merely leverage what I can use in Acumatica.  And it is not a perfect solution, the user would use 2 clicks to just see 1 item’s purchase history, which 1 click is preferred.

What I can give you is the need from users that they would like to see a item’s purchase history on PO. so if this can be set out of box, it would be great.


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