Blanket Sales Order or Customer Contract for stock items

  • 14 April 2021
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I have made some researches but cannot find anything with similar functionality to Blanket Purchase Order for Outbound - Sales Order & Customers. I know there is also Customer Contract but it seems to be only for non-stock items.

What I need exactly it is a kind of frame agreement with Customer with fixed quantity to be purchased in fixed period of time. Then in relation to that frame, call offs order will be pre-set and periodically adjusted and proceeded. Then later all have to be link to MRP.

I would be grateful if somebody had some suggestions or share with experience how to proceed this process or similar one in Acumatica.

Thank you in advance.



4 replies

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Note: we received the suggestion Add Blanket Order type for Sales Orders module and have prioritized itfor development. As we are currently defining requirements, please add your use case to the linked idea above.

We are working on an opportunity that requires this as well. Our use case is as follows, and we have seen this come up a lot lately. 


Customer places order for 100 items, to hold in the warehouse.

Shipments go out as needed to different locations, which are invoiced to the parent account, but also requires the correct tax to be calculated based on where the shipment was delivered. The main account needs to pay the invoice despite the different taxes on invoices.


20 items go to NY 

30 items two months later go to Chicago 

50 items go to New Jersey 1 month later.


The reporting needs to be available to the customers as well, so they know what the stock levels are on a weekly, monthly etc. basis. 


When can we expect this to be available? In the 2021 R2 release? 



In addition it would be helpful if the user gets an information when creating a new sales order and there exists a blanket order/customer contract with that customer, that is not jet fullfilled and you can take it over in your new sales order.
In addition a view would be perfect in the blanket order, where you see, which sales orders are associated with that blanket order.
And a differentiation when creating a new blanket order between containing a contract of a number of pieces of different item numbers (quantity contract) and/or a limited amount (value contract).


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That can be done using side panels.  I would have a list of orders related to that specific customer on the side panel and specific to an order type.  Maybe BO for Blanket Orders


You can learn how easy it is to do sidepanels in this video 



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