How to create a selector with 2 tabs

  • 24 July 2021
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Hi, can someone please help me how to create a selector with 2 (All records, project codes) tabs like this


This screen is in the Daily Field Report y the tab Equipment in the coumn cost code


I was looking on the internet but I did not find an example.



  • My project is a customization.
  • The Screen id of reference is: PJ304000

Thank you very much I will appreciate any help


Best answer by Naveen B 26 July 2021, 08:10

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5 replies

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Hi @eddiedaco,


The predefined filters are created in the database and not from code; you have to create the filter from the selector, mark it as shared and save it to the database.

Is this for one tenant or you are trying to deploy this at scale to many instances as part of a product you are building?

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@Gabriel Michaud  , thank you for your prompt response. 
1.- Can I add a Generic inquiry to a selector?
2.- Where should I create this filters in the DAC selector or in the GI if the first answer is yes.


This is what I have done so far, but i do not know how to add it to a selector.  Thank you.




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@eddiedaco I don’t think we can a GI to the Selector field..

In the Selector field, we can create a other tabs by applying the filters/conditions on top of 1st tab results.

Can you please let us know your business requirement to add the GI to selector field?




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Hi @Naveen B  a lot of thanks for your answer.

i did the following:

1.- add a filter tab to my selector as you can see in this picture, 



The tab works fine. The problem I have now is that in the tab "BL VENDORS TEST” I need it to take the values ​​of: EstimateNbr and in my grid the ParticiparionGoals (selected row) (see below)



I don't know how to put "dynamically" the value of the estimator and the ParticipationGoals (selected) in this section of FilterSettings. Can you help me please? any advice?




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@eddiedaco  I don’t think that is possible to pass the dynamic values from screen to Filter Settings.


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