Uploading Macro Enabled Excel Spreadsheet

  • 19 March 2024
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Does anyone have experience with using a macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet into the line level of Acumatica screens?  We have a macro-enabled spreadsheet we use for estimating and would like to use it to load in the detail lines of a quote and are receiving an error message.

5 replies

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Does the error message happen to say something about the file type not being permitted?

Have you added the file extension as a permitted file extension in File Upload Preferences?


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@darylbowman I gave what you suggested a shot using the settings that were in your screenshot and we are still getting an error message.  Here are my settings and the steps we are taking to upload the file:

We save the file as a .xlsm file type:

We are uploading to a Sales Quote using the file upload button:

This is the error message we receive after trying to upload:

Any thoughts or insight would be helpful.  Thanks!

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I’m guessing this is a code restriction placed on the Upload action. I’m not sure this is the exact code causing it, but I have found code indicating the allowed file types for this action:


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Thanks @darylbowman  that is helpful information. 


Any chance that someone else knows of a way around this situation? 

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Hey @Laura Carpenter ,

May or may not be helpful, but when I make various Excel tools I’ll add an “Export” button that copies whatever sheet I want to upload and let’s you save it as a separate .xlsx file.

Here’s the VBA I use, hopefully it’s of some use:

Sub MacroNameHere()
' MacroNameHere Macro
'Copy sheet to new workbook, save workbook and close it

Sheets("Name of the sheet you want to upload").Copy

' ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs "Location and name.xls"


End Sub


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