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  • 5 January 2022
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General contractor here. I was told by a trainer that we needed to select the “Require Single Project per Document” spec in AP Preferences. I don’t remember the reason, but when we enter bills, it makes our lives much more difficult to enter AP bills one project at a time. Is there any reason deselecting this option would be a negative thing? 





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Hi @hannah21 

When you enable ‘Require Single project per AP document’, it indicates that you can select only one project on all detail lines of the AP Document. It gives you an option to select Project at header level and one can select only Project Task at line level. It does not indicate that one has to create a single project per AP document. One Project can be used on more than one AP bill in this scenario as well.

If the option ‘Require single Project per Document’ is ‘unchecked’ on AP preferences, one can select the Project and Task at AP document detail line level.

Here is relevant documentation link:

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Yes, this is what I thought but wanted to verify. So it doesn’t affect anything in the Construction module to “Require Single Project per AP Document”? 

Will we still be able to run AP reports by Project if this is not selected?

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Hi @vkumar would you be able to help @hannah21 with the further questions? Thanks!

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Will we still be able to run AP reports by Project if this is not selected?

The AP report by project uses the header project. As a result you will not see the AP per project. Since we only have two payables that are split amount project we turn it off the Require Single Project per Document check only when entering these two monthly payable.

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@freboredo which report screen ID does not include the transaction when the checkbox is not selected? I was recently testing this for a client and all AP by project report seemed to pickup the transaction from the detail table, even when the header was project x. I am curious to know if this is something that Acumatica recently changed, because it was true that if the checkbox was unmarked reports did not include the multi project in detail table transactions, but this seems to be working now. @vkumar @chrishackett 

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@jperez94 The Acumatica version we are currently on is Acumatica 2021 R2. The report screen ID AP631000 (AP Aging) using the standard Acumatica report if on the Bills and Adjustments screen AP301000 the document header is project X but each line item row has a different project when I run the AP Aging report AP631000 it is using the field from the AP doc header. As a result, that AP bill will show under project X for the enter amount in the AP Aging report and not split to each project select on the document rows.

To clarify my response to Hannah21 if you were to remove the “Require Single Project per AP Document” in the AP Preference all AP document would be enter with project X in the AP doc header. As a result you will not be able to run AP Aging report by projects. Even the AP Aging and Bills and Adjustment screen is set up to remove the project field when the “Require Single Project per AP Document” is turned on.


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