Construction: Process to remove/return item issued to project

  • 18 August 2021
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I have not been able to find a successful method for this yet.

Wrong stock item was issued to a project/cost budget. The correct item has since been issued, but trying to remove or reverse the wrong item out of the project. I can do a receipt or adjustment back into stock on the inventory side if needed, but I am unable to determine how to reverse the issue project transaction to correct the project.


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3 replies

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Following. Likewise, interested in others experience with this type of transaction and generally about the management of INVENTORY with respect to PROJECTS. 

You’re situation sounds like it will be a common situation for others. 

@gbrazelton14 - I found that you could go to the inventory Issues and click on the Batch Nbr. and the new *** (three dots menu) in 2021 R2 includes the option to “reverse” and “reclassify” which may be the answer for you. I’ve not done any testing on reversing inventory “issues” to a Project (yet).   

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Thank you @johnshaddix38  - I will need to check that out in 21 R2 - I think what I finally did was a Reason Code (type Receipt, account was actually the COGS account used in the original issue) Looking forward if 21 R2 has the slicker Reverse option.



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We now do a two step process to Return to Warehouse:

We do a RETURN Issue. We create a new Lot/Serial Nbr. (the old one as used at time of Issue and no longer exists) - this un-Issues the item. This keeps it on the original project. I then transfer from the project to X (our warehouse).


If you are also returning it to the vendor - I open the original PO Receipt. Select the item to return, return the item. Now it is no longer on the PO.


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