Error when upgrading U100/SweetLife instance

  • 20 January 2021
  • 4 replies


After downloading the most recent package on the Apply Updates screen, clicking Install Update throws the following error:

The website contains a published customization. Click Customization Compatibility to validate the compatibility of the selected update with the customization.

When I click Validate Customization (I do not see Customization Compatibility), I get the following error:

There are no customizations, published or unpublished, showing on the Customizations screen.

Does anyone know what I am missing?

Thank you!



4 replies

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Hi @Kimberly! I moved your question to a general forum as most probably, this is a platform issue rather than the issue with the U100 dataset. 

For training purposes, we recommend that you deploy a new instance with the required dataset. As we constantly update the U100 dataset, deploying a new instance will give you the right dataset with the settings and set of documents needed for the updated courses.

@Elena - Deploying a new instance requires access to the server, does it not? That is a big requirement for someone managing training instances and I strongly prefer not to give that person direct access to our hosting server.

Also, are there any plans to offer snapshots of updated datasets in a similar way as is done with SalesDemo data?

Thank you,


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@Kimberly Thank you for your question.

Snapshots for the U100 dataset are available starting 2019 R1 Update 9 and later versions. You can find a snapshot specific for each build in the Snapshots folder of a build. Please see the screenshot below. 


In the training guide, which utilizes the U100 dataset, you can find the instructions below. It describes how to download a snapshot and restore it in the instance.



Thank you for this builds link. I am glad I can access updated datasets without having to deploy a new instance.

Perhaps we can take snapshots of “clean” instances (before bringing in U100 data) and revert back to those initial snapshots before upgrading via the UI. (Then, of course, import the current snapshot for the upgraded instance). Is that a viable way around having to deploy new instances for every upgrade? We would still lose any learners’ work in progress, but at least we could upgrade without having to access the hosting server.

Also, I want to confirm we are just talking about the two major releases per year. We should be able to perform minor updates through the UI even with U100, right?

Much appreciation for all your help and advice.




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