Departing Users and Employees

  • 1 March 2021
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What are the best practices for when Employees/Users leave your company?

How long should you keep salespersons in the system as inactive and can you eventually delete them?

Should you set a user to disabled rather than deleting them?

If you delete either a salesperson or a user, does this cause issues in data they might be tied to?


Best answer by Andy Smith 6 March 2021, 18:27

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4 replies

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I just had this issue come up.  Was able to inactivate and delete an employee that was assigned as an owner of a task and a lead.  I’ve logged a support case to confirm that I’m not missing something.

My thinking is that you’d want to inactivate, but not delete departing employees that are linked to other entities.  

  •  At a minimum you shouldn’t be able to delete a record resulting in orphaned linked records.  For example, the system prevents you from deleting a customer if it has sales orders linked to it.
  • Ideally, if you inactivate an employee with links, it should warn you.  Even more ideally, provide a feature to reassign those to a manager or other employee.

Maybe this has been discussed before, but I haven’t found it on the portal.  Interested in other perspectives, and will post support’s reply to my case. 

Thanks - Andy

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Just to follow up:  Support confirms that the system will allow deletion of employee records that are linked as the Owner of a Task, Purchase Requisition, etc.

I think this should be prevented, both for data integrity, and for consistency with other areas (customer/sales order relationships as an example).






My case is User is Disabled but he created few documents like debit adjustments and invoices.

Those documents are even approved, now the other user who sufficient rights but still not able to release the documents.

Error - An error occured during processing of the field Owner value 101855 EP Error: The status of the employee 'P200' is 'Inactive'

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Hi @ag41 

Further processing of document with an inactive employee set as ‘owner’ causes an issue. Processed/ closed documents wont throw any error, user can view them even after deactivating the user. 



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