Acumatica and Outlook Integration for email notifications of tasks/business events

  • 21 April 2023
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Hi Team,


Thank you to everyone who has chimed in on past events.  This community has been amazing.  Do any of you know of a way to get emails sent out to a person/workgroup when a task or event has been entered with them as the owner?  Seems like this should be a functionality but I am not finding any answers to hopefully make this a reality.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


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hello, you can use business events to do that!


you will find all the necessary information in the help portal


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@tfarwell11 Business events are a great way to achieve this as @jfbrut76 mentioned.

Some additional information below:

  1. Create a new Business Event where you are monitoring the Case Owner ID field when a record is inserted and it’s not empty.
  2. Once the conditions are met, the Subscribers tab will then come into effect. Under this tab, you can have multiple subscribers who get notified of the business event conditions being met. In your case, you will need to create a new Email Notification Subscriber


  3. This will open the Email Templates screen, where you can design the message for the notification. You can also use Data fields that dynamically adds relevant record information, both on the To, CC, BCC, Subject fields, and also the message body (shown below). 



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Hey there!

The above mentioned options are definitely viable solutions.

Please also vote on the following related idea:

At this time, one can assign a data field to the TO box inside a notification template.

When your business event triggers, it will look at the data field and/or Placeholder added to the notification template.

In regards to workgroups and emailing via business events, at this time Acumatica has a Placeholder for TO which can email to Workgroup Owners specifically, there is not one for emailing specific workgroup members. This may need to be hardcoded within your scenario at this time or simply specify the Placeholder for workgroup owner if that is feasible -- and please do vote on the above mentioned idea so that way this idea gets implemented faster!

I am trying to link my Business Events to Subscribers...we have Email Templates created but none of them are available when I create a Business Event and then try to add Email Notifications.  Am I not doing something correctly in one side?


Can’t add from the other side either?

I’m sure it is something really simple but I don’t see the solution in the directions I can find.



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Hi @maggiel! Please check the Screen ID on both Business Events and Email Templates screens. I replicated your settings on my end and I am seeing the same issue. However, when changing the Screen ID to be the same on both the Business Events and Email Templates screen, I can see the respective record to show on each screen.




Thank you @Omar Ghazi .  That worked, but it still isn’t sending an email when I insert a record.  There are no failed emails either.  I am going to have to dig in a little further because I suspect the “to” is incorrect.  


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