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  • 6 April 2023
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We have noticed after creating a sales order that a duplicate is now showing up. It has all the exact same information. Same Reference number, same shipment number, same payment information. 

I added a note to one of the orders and it showed up on both orders, so they are linked together somehow. Therefore, I don’t want to try and just delete one, since it will most likely delete both. 

However, when I look at the customer account, only one order shows up. 


Does anyone have any ideas on how to address this duplicate order issue? 


Thank you!


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6 replies

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The order is showing up on this generic inquiry twice because of some minor issue with the generic inquiry. You may have 2 payments on the order or some other field that can have multiples. 

A quick fix is to group the GI on the order number. 


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@bclark , the issue is with your generic inquiry that shows a list of orders. That generic inquiry probably has another table added (like SOLine). Hence, the data can be duplicated (triplicated, quatricated, etc.)

If you can go to Customization > Edit Generic Inquiry on the Sales Orders list screen, and then share a screenshot of the RELATIONS tab, I would be able to give you more precise info.

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Hi @bclark this looks like there is an issue your Sales Order GI. If you export your GI as XML and share it with we can explain why it’s duplicating.

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Thanks everyone for the quick replies. 

@Yuri Karpenko  here is the screenshot of the Relations tab: 


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@estebanperalta54  Here is the XML export. 

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@bclark , thank you! Based on this screenshot, it can be a number of things, but most probably, you have duplicates because of ARPayment or SOAdjust.

Unless you really need ARPayment and SOAdjust in this GI, I would recommend removing them. If you do need them though, go to GROUPING tab, and set up grouping by SOOrder.OrderType and SOOrder.OrderNbr.

Hope this helps.


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