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  • 15 March 2023
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We are new to the platform.  We are experiencing difficulties when trying to sync returns from Shopify.  We are getting the error message:


The following tax identifiers from the external system could not be matched: PA STATE TAX. The ERP has failed to save the tax ID or the tax amount differs from the one that has been expected. Make sure that taxes are configured for the tax zone and tax categories. Also, make sure that taxes either have the same identifiers in the ERP and external system or are mapped on the Substitution Lists (SM206026) form.


Has anyone experienced this issue and how do we correct the issue?  We are currently manually entering all returns into Acumatica at this point.


We do not experience this problem with a normal order or with a POS return.


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Do you have tax synchronization turned on or off?

If you have tax sync turned on you need to have a tax ID setup for each state where you charge taxes as it’s going to copy the tax logic from Shopify in the json. So “NY STATE TAX” for New York or “ME STATE TAX” for Maine would need to exist as tax IDs in Acumatica in order to import the order correctly.

We have tax sync turned on at the moment, and it works great (for the most part) at the sales order, but we are struggling with tax recalculation at the invoice leaving a balance. Rumor has it that this may be fixed in 2023 R1?

It may be best to keep tax sync turned off for now and define which tax zone that each sales order/ customer belongs to through a formula in the entities mapping. This would also allow you to continue to use your current tax IDs.

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Hi folks - @VBrundage - great question. This comes up a lot with eCommerce merchants.

@brendan91 is correct. There is a challenge that these eComm platforms do not share the Tax ID’s via the API. So to match, the merchant must configure taxes in Acumatica as well. And this leads to some challenges, as you’ve found.

However, in 23R1 we have included a “tax recalculation suppression” feature allowing merchants to (per Order Type) disable tax recalculations on orders coming from the web. More info in this post - 


This may resolve your issue.

Please ask your VAR to submit a case with this challenge that you’re facing. If possible, our team will offer some assistance


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Thank you for the response.  The odd part about these transactions is it is ONLY the web returns that are getting stuck.  When our store does a return we do not have this issue. 


@brendan91 we have tax synchronization turned on.  If you don’t mind me asking what tax calculator are you using?  We currently have Avalara all of our tax locations are set up in the system as they were received from the external tax provider.

This is part of the reason why we are so confused as to why it is not working.


@brendan91 do you have formulas set up in your entity mapping?

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Hi @VBrundage,

I have not used Avalara, so I don’t know what that looks like. The formula to map TaxZoneID could look something like this if you have a limited number of taxable states.

=iif([CustomerAddressData.ProvinceCode]='ME', 'MESALESTAX', 'NOTAXZONE')

You can created nested iif statements up to 10 deep, so that would cover 10 zones. There may be another way to do it with the switch formula and that would look like...

=Switch([CustomerAddressData.ProvinceCode]='ME', 'MESALESTAX', [CustomerAddressData.ProvinceCode]='PA', 'PASALESTAX', ...)

Did you add the additional tax zone and are the returns working now? It sounds like you may need to create a ticket with Acumatica support or Avalara if adding the tax zone does not fix the problem.

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Hi @brendan91,

Thank you for this.  We will give it a try and see if it helps.  We have reached out to Acumatica support and the solution is to upgrade.  We have only been live since February 8 and are still trying to work through that process.  

Thank you again,



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