Question about Commerce Connector and Tenant vs Company vs Branch Configuration

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I’m curious if there is any direct documentation about utilizing the commerce connector and various entity settings at different Acumatica structure levels, primarily Tenant vs Company. Most of the existing documentation appears to center around configuring a single BigCommerce or Shopify store to a single tenant but, for example, what are the options/limitations around connecting store 1 to company 1 and store 2 to company 2, within a single tenant?

If anyone has explored this configuration or is using it currently, I’d be interested to understand how it’s working for you and any issues encountered. 


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Hi @Phil  

I know we have a client that uses Big Commerce and they have 2 separate stores for each tenant in Acumatica. One store is a Main location with it’s own BC site and then another location with it’s BC site. 

We do have another client who made Branches and uses them all on one BC store.

I think it depends on how things need to be ran. 


The only help documentation currently is here:

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Thanks @kbeatty21

I’ll take a look at that documentation, and dig back into the 2021r2 notes (our current release).

The model I’m exploring is to have a B2C site connected to company 1 and a B2B site connected to company 2, so that each can be optimized around the needs of those customer groups (and actually in two physically different locations) but allow somewhat easier intercompany transactions (as compared to the two operations set up in two separate tenants). Seems like test environments are really the only way to validate what works and doesn't in actual application.


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