How to use different UOM than the Sales UOM for the Commerce Orders?

  • 2 February 2023
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Use Case: Users would like to sell in Commerce sites the same product in different UOMs than the default Sales UOM in Acumatica. Example, merchant could sell apples in Kilogram(KG) and also in Pounds(LBS). In Acumatica, the user could have the Sales UOM as LBS but sells in Commerce site as KG. Most of the sites do not support UOM. Both Shopify and BigCommerce does not support it. 

Solution: Provide the SKU code of the product in Commerce site in the Cross-Reference tab in the Alternate ID field with the required UOM in the Stock/Non-Stock forms in Acumatica. Commerce Connector, will get the SKU code from the Commerce site’s sales order product and checks in Acumatica if there is a matching Inventory ID, if it finds, then it will be used with this UOM in Acumatica SO Line. If not, connector will check the Alternate ID from the Cross-Reference tab with Alternate Type as Global. If it matches, then the UOM will be taken from the cross reference tab for the SO Line. 

Please see below screenshots. 

Acumatica Stock Item: 

Shopify Product:


Acumatica Sales Order:

Please note that the main Inventory ID stays the same as APPLES but the Alternative ID matches with the SKU code in Shopify and the UOM is taken from the Alternative ID instead of the main Inventory ID. 

3 replies

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@KarthikGajendran we are having issues with the Amazon connector, each stock item has multiple global alternate id’s, each with different UOM, but the Amazon connector is throwing an error: 

The 8860ab0f-2419-ef11-835d-12ab09909afb record with the same key already exists in the database. Ref. Note ID must be unique.

Is there a different process for the Amazon connector?

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@WillieGrothman61  Looks like there are two records in the Sync History form with the same ID. This is not possible and that's why you have this error. Could you please delete that line from the Sync History and try to prepare and process?

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Hi @KarthikGajendran

I'm trying to get the same Stock Item synced to multiple global cross references, because the client sells the same item on their Amazon store in multiple units of measure: 

In the above example, the AP1LB alternate ID would sync, but I get the error on AP2LB. Our client may sell the same stock item in 5packs, 10packs, 25packs, and 50packs. 


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