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  • 26 October 2022
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We would like to have a sales order type such that when selected to start a new sales order the ship-to address and ship-via for pickup will always be the same address/SHIPVIA and override the customer’s and/or customer class ship-to address/SHIPVIA.  Is this possible?


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8 replies

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@patrickACA  Is this anyhow related to Retail-Commerce module? I mean do you want this to happen when the orders imported from Commerce sites to Acumatica or exported from Acumatica to Commerce sites? I ask this because this question is created in Retail-Commerce space. 

Nevertheless, if you would like to always have a particular Ship-to-Address and Ship Via, then you have to customize the Sales Order screen based on your selected Order Type. Currently, these are brought from Customer Location to the Sales Order form. 

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Hi @patrickACA 

Out of the box Acumatica does not allow you to override SHIPVIA based on order type. It would come from the Customer Record, if there is one noted. 

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@KarthikGajendran We use BigCommerce and sync orders across Acumatica and BC for customers, so I posted in Retail-Commerce.  This sales order type would be used for retail orders as a shortcut/hack rather than using Acumatica POS.  I can see that if we were to modify the sales order screen, we could create a yes/no field of In-store that would then override the ship-to and ship via.  Extending this, I assume we could also modify the sales order screen such that if a particular sales order type is selected the checkbox would default to true or false?

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@patrickACA Before I suggest the possible customization flow. I would like to know the use case scenario. Could you please let me know how these POS orders are generated in BC? Are you using any App for POS functionalities in BC? What tax engine are you using to calculate the taxes for POS order in BC? Are these orders imported for just information(accounting) purpose or would you like to ship POS orders as well?(like order in store and deliver to home) What is your current flow today and what are the problems you are facing with it ? 

Please let me so that I can provide you a better answer. 


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@KarthikGajendran Fortunately our use case is much simpler.  We are currently entering POS orders directly into Acumatica and processing them in Acumatica, then the BigCommerce connector syncs to the customers account in BigCommerce so they can see a record of the purchase.


From Acumatica:

  • Create new sales order with specific order type for in-store (we have set up “IS” for in-store order type)
  • Select Customer. 
    • If customer not in Acumatica, either enter new or select guest customer
  • Override Ship-to address to our retail location address
  • Change customer’s default SHIPVIA to instore SHIPVIA code (and pickup checkbox = True)
  • Proceed with completing sales order (including taking payment)
  • When pressing the Create Shipment button, then Confirm Shipment immediately after because the items were carried out and not shipped.
  • Automatically Process Shipment to create the invoice and automatically release the invoice.
  • In background the payment that was taken is applied to the invoice.
  • Sales order syncs to BigCommerce following our BC Connector Sales Order entity sync rules, including updating the status to Shipped.

We use Taxjar for our sales tax calculation.

The reasons we want some automation are:

  1. Remove steps from the above workflow to ensure the orders are correctly entered with the retail Ship-to address and ship via
  2. Reduce the amount of clicks a user must complete for an in-store order.

Thank you for thinking about this customization flow. We are new to Acumatica and starting to work on custom screens and workflows so your input is extremely valuable.



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@patrickACA  Thanks a lot for providing the detailed answer. 

Sorry for the delay. I was checking with Distribution and POS teams to see if there is a way to do it out of the box and the answer is we cannot unless you want to use Acumatica POS. 

So customization is the other option here for you to default the Pick Up ship via and the Retail Location Address as the ship-to-address based on the Order Type. 

I have few more questions. 

  1. Or all your In Store orders always Store Pick Up or sometimes you have to Ship to the customer using some carrier like UPS, Fedex, Local etc.,
  2. Why do you want to export guest orders to BC? what is the use case? How can a guest customer login to BC and see the order because they are guest and they do not have the account to login to BC to see the orders. 
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  1. Some in-store orders are pickup and some need to be shipped. We create two different orders for a customer if some item are to be carried out and some to be shipped.
  2. 99% of our customers already have an account or create an account with us.  Often they come in to get refitted and purchase a few extra items, or often they have purchased online in the past and are in town and come in to our retail store.  Guest customers (i.e. no email address customers) are the outlier, and we don’t really care if those sync to a guest customer account in BC because no customer will have access to it.
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@patrickACA Understood. Thanks for answering. Let us know if you have any issues in exporting after the customization is implemented. 


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