Configure Acumatica-Shopify Connector to Save Customers with name as ShopifyID

  • 11 January 2021
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Hi All, 

By default, Acumatica commerce edition require Auto-Numbering for Customers and Customer Locations. This is done due to a number of reasons:

  • During the export customers from Acumatica, we don’t have a Shopify ID, so if customer is created in Acumatica it will have a different name.
  • Acumatica can be connected to multiple stores and there is no guarantee that customer ID is unique accords multiple stores and connectors.
  • Naming convention in Acumatica may be different from Shopify customer.

In any case, Acumatica Commerce Edition will follow Auto-Numbering of customer and locations.

However this can be changed with the simple customization.  Please do the following:


Step 1: Extend the Segmented Key for BIZACCT and CUSTOMER to 13 or 14 characters. Customers ID in Shopify are very long.


Step 2: Publish the attached customization . The customization package does 2 things: 

  • Disabling mandatory auto-numbering on customer record
  • Assigning Acuamtica CustomerID to the Shopify ID.


Step 3: Test the synchronization.


Note: Customization is tested and compatible with Acumatica 2020r2.


3 replies

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In a normal process, if new customer comes from Shopify and there is not sync status record, system will try to search Customer in Acumatica by Email or Phone(if Email not provided).

After customer applied this project to Acumatica, system should search Customer by Shopify ID, if Shopify ID is empty, system will search by Email or Phone instead.   

Based on this customization project, I added this changes and attached the customization project for your reference.



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Would this work for Big Commerce too with 2021R!?

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Hi @dennisgodsill36  we haven’t really tested it on 2021r1, but I expect it to work. Please let us know if it does not.


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