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  • 11 August 2023
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Hi Acumatica Forum - 


First - I’ll call out that I’m new here. If I am posting in the wrong place (or posting something obvious), please let me know. 


Now, getting to business. I’m trying to use acumatica to do some pricing calculations and updates automatically. I’m finding it to be quite limiting. I’m curious how other retail locations use acumatica and how they update prices. 


Specific things I’m trying to do: 

  1. Rounding - I’m trying to implement basic rounding rules (i.e., all prices need to end in $X.99)
  2. Pricing Overrides - setting up prices that aren’t automatically repriced 
  3. Pricing Experiments - setting up a control and treatment group (at the item level) to see how much customers respond to select price decreases (by shifting purchasing). 
  4. Pricing alarms - for example, sending an email if we sell an item below cost. 

At this point, we’re doing pricing through downloaded spreadsheets. But there is no way that will be sustainable in the long-term. 








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5 replies

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Hello @dcobey ,

Welcome to Acumatica Community!  Yours is a wonderful first post. You’re doing fine. 😀

  1. Are you using Customer Price Classes, or Item Price Classes to drive special pricing via Sales Price screen? % discounts alone won’t work for you because of the .99 requirement, but Pricing worksheets can predict a price using % of Default Price and then final price can be adjusted via export/import to adjust Pending price to end in .99.

Having the system ‘force in’ rounded price ending in .99  will likely require customization.

  1. Stock Items screen has a Minimum Margin field. When a revised price is too low on a Sales order, an error appears automatically:

No email is needed in this example - because no Sales Order will go out below cost when Minimum Markup is populated appropriately.


Thanks Laura! 

As quick context, I’m trying to us acumatica to support a retail business (wine and spirits). In this business, there are a lot of SKU’s (25k+), frequent item changes (seasonal goods, new wine vintages) and frequent cost changes (costs vary by size of order, time of year etc.). 

With this context, if I’m going to have to export and reimport data, what is the cleanest way to do this? I’d love to avoid doing pricing for several thousand items in an excel like tool, because of the risk of someone messing up a formula or copy paste.  

Is there a way to run SQL functions like round in a generic inquiry and then feed that back to the pricing worksheet without leaving acumatica? Or would I have to write a custom program / app and import the data into acumatica through an API call? 


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Hi @dcobey were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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@TimRodman has a customization to execute SQL scripts in Acumatica. Perhaps he'd like to chime in.

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Thanks for the tag @darylbowman .

My AugSQL (click here) product could help with the rounding issue (#1), but you might not even need it for this situation. AugSQL shines when you need to do advanced reporting using SQL Views, including when you want to build a Data Warehouse within Acumatica with pre-calculated data that gets refreshed on a schedule and that you then report on with SQL Views.

I think you could accomplish #1 with a Business Event that is triggered by a schedule and fed by a Generic Inquiry with the price lines that need rounded. The Generic Inquiry would have the primary key identifiers for the records that need updated, then it would have the current price, and finally a calculated column with the rounded price. Then you'd add an Import Scenario to the Business Events as a Subscriber which would take the rounded price column from the Generic Inquiry and set that as the new price.


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