BigCommerce B2B Customization Customer Syncing Issues

  • 18 June 2024
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We have been testing the BigCommerce B2B customization on Acumatica 23R1 ahead of launching our BigC store, and we have seen a lot of issues with it. I was wondering if others have run into these problems and have a way of dealing with it or even just a better way of thinking about these problems so that we can live with them.

  1. We find it confusing that the main contact rather than the primary contact (except for the primary contact name) is used as the first admin info in BigC and don’t know how to treat the primary contact in Acumatica to make this less confusing.
  2. We also find it confusing that the 2nd rather than the 1st main contact phone number is synced to BigC.
  3. We don’t know how to handle the possibility of a customer deleting the first admin in their company in BigCommerce B2B since that is how the connector is connecting the customer in Acumatica to the company in BigC.
  4. We have noticed many, many issues with modifying existing customer data in either Acumatica or BigC. The data is frequently not synced as expected. For example, if you modify the main contact email address or primary contact name in Acumatica, those changes get overwritten by what is in BigC B2B. Also the connector will not notice that a customer needs to be resynced if you only modify contact data (for contacts other than the main contact).
  5. Frequently any weird situation causes the connector to create a duplicate contact in Acumatica.

4 replies

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@tararosenthal , since the customization package for B2B edition is delivered by BigCommerce themselves, you will be better off sharing your concerns and questions with your BigCommerce representative and getting connected to their B2B team. If you haven’t gone that route, I would highly recommend it.

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@Yuri Karpenko We have been in contact with them, but they are very unresponsive. It seems like people post about this in the Acumatica community as if it’s mostly a non-issue to use this customization, so I was just wondering if we weren’t thinking about it the right way.

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@tararosenthal , your concerns / issues are valid and we bumped into them before. You have three options basically:

  1. Find workarounds, which means letting go off some syncs that you were hoping to have.
  2. Customize the connector (use your VAR for that or hire an Acumatica developer - we can help).
  3. See if there aren’t newer versions of this customization (sometimes BC adds new functionality and fixes previous issues in new releases).

I personally feel your pain, and am happy to help with whatever you mind need help for.

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We are learning we cannot do many things we want to do in Big Commerce without significant and complicaterd customizations.  We are going to investigate Shopify to see if we can achieve more of our goals without such massive and complicated customizations.


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