Sub report works correctly but once sub report connect to the main report it doesn't show any values

  • 13 February 2024
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In AR Register Detailed report, my client has report fully modified according to their requirements. in their report they calculate total amount based on CuryOrigDocAmt field in ARInvoice table. when calculate total they add 10% vat to the total. They request to modify it when customer is non taxable , the 10% vat must not add to the total. only taxable customers should billed 10% vat. 

In their AR Register detailed report, I tried to do the mentioned modification. I consider the ARInvoice.CuryTaxTotal field to identify weather customer is taxable or non-taxable. But with existing relations on their AR Register Detailed report , it doesn’t retrieve data of ARInvoice.CuryTaxTotal field. Beacuse of that i implement two sub reports get values to the main report.

The question is two sub reports retrieve data successfully. when i connect it to the main report the main report not display any values. 

Here i attached two sub reports and main report




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3 replies

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  1. I noticed your subreport1 has the value field in page Footer section - this will not show up on the Main report. Only Detail and Group sections are visible on Main report
  2. I would suggest to play with shrinking your subreports’s width to be of the size of the field on the Main report. Just to make sure you can first expand your subreports on the Main report temporarily and see if that way the results are visible.

I Have tried as you said. Still I couldn’t get values in main report

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In case you haven’t solved this yet - another thing I would try - is making your subReport parameters Required:



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