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If you copy and paste into a Note field it will keep the formatting from the source document.  But when you print the note field in report designer it creates some funky formatting.  Does anyone know if it is possible to keep the original formatting like below right?




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Hi, could you share the report RPX I was unable to recreate the issue.  



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I think the note usues an HTML format ; not sure you can keep the same formatting. But, if you can share the rpx; we can take a look 



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If you copy and paste the attached into a note you will see what I mean.  It has TABs imbedded, even from a txt file.  Then when you print it it will come out funky. 

Below is what happens when I copy and paste from the txt file, but when I copy and paste into the Note field it looks perfect...until you print it to a report….then it looks like below.  Make sense?


Lifting Capacity:    6000 lbs
HP / Speed:            10 HP  /  29 fpm
Supply Power:            480 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz
Top Lifting Height:     22'-6.75"
Landings at:            0', 12', 22'-6.75"
Min. Clear Height:    9'-3.25" at top landing
Effective Carriage:    8' W x 11' L x 7' H
Approx. Footprint:    10'-6" W x 11'-2" L (less gates & enclosures)
Traffic Pattern:       C
Mounting:        Pit mounted, in shaftway
Color Scheme:        Gray
Est. Shipping Wgt:    9,700 lb



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Hi @dgross54 

As requested earlier, please provide your report .rpx file to check this further.


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Hi Vijay, just wondering why its relevant?  The issue is not unique to the report it is unique to Acumatica’s note field.  The issue would persist in any report. Besides, its just a regular report and it’s not uploadable (see below).  Lastly, for as much as I would appreciate the help, I am not sure my company would appreciate me uploading one of our customers reports


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There is no “original format” here:


If you show hidden characters (i.e. in Notepad++), your original text is a combination of tabs and spaces (see arrows and dots, respectively).

Did this file come from a legacy system or flat files? It might show alright in a text editor or web browser, but there is no consistent format, so your results will be inconsistent on output.

You’re going to have a lot better luck reparsing these files so that they are in a consistent format, and then formatting the text correctly for output in Report Designer.


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