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The below image is an except from a customer shipping report listing products shipped on a particular date.

I added a new column for Client SKU =[CSAnswers.Value] which works exactly as I need with one exception…

If a product does not have an Client SKU, it is not included in the report...the row is omitted.  It seems the report only includes the row if all fields are present and I would like to flag this field as optional so the row is included regardless of the presence of a value.

None of the properties seem to correlate to that behavior and I’ve been unsuccessful in finding any clues in the forum.  I’m sure the answer is simple but I’m at a loss for the right keywords to locate a solution.

Any help appreciated.



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Usually when results of a GI show us too many records (duplicates) or too few, the problem is the JOIN on the two tables/DACs. 

Try using a Left join to connect to the table that holds the Client SKUs (not Inner join).


If that doesn’t work, please Show Us your joins.  Thanks!


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Thanks, that was it...a left join was required. 

Thanks very much.


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