Printing the Subitem segmeted value descriptions

  • 4 January 2021
  • 1 reply

I have a client that uses Subitems and I have modified some reports to show the sub item along with the inventory ID but they need the segment value description to print instead of the segment value. 

In this setup, there are 5 subitem segment IDs, e.g. W-AE-FRS-PA -1/10 where W = Wild, AE = UAE, FRS = Frescomar, PA = Panulirus argus and 1/10 = 1/10 lb. 

Is there a way to link by the subitem back to the individual segments and pull the description for any or all of the subitem segments that make up the subitem so instead of printing the subitem as W-AE-FRS-PA it would print as Wild-UAE-Frescomar-Panulirus Argus-1/10lb.

1 reply

Hi @bchilders37 
As far as I know there is no such facility in the box, but out of the box you can use SQL view to achieve the desired output, for this you need a singnificant knowledge in SQL querying and Acumatica customization, Let us know about your capability in Acumatica customization so we can guide you   


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