Printing Labels to Device Hub

  • 28 September 2023
  • 4 replies

I have a report I created that prints barcodes.  I need to print it to the Device Hub I have running, setup for RAW MODE.  How do I print this custom report to that device hub printer?

4 replies

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public PXAction<SOShipment> printLabelsToStation;
[PXButton(CommitChanges = true)]
[PXUIField(DisplayName = "Print Labels To Station")]
public virtual IEnumerable PrintLabelsToStation(PXAdapter adapter)
var shipmentGraph = adapter.View.Graph as SOShipmentEntry;
SOShipment shipment = shipmentGraph.Document.Current;
if (shipment is null) return adapter.Get();

Guid? printerID = // get printerID
if (printerID is null)
throw new PXException("No packing station printer has been selected");

PXLongOperation.StartOperation(shipmentGraph, delegate ()
SMPrintJobMaint printGraph = PXGraph.CreateInstance<SMPrintJobMaint>();

var reportParams = new Dictionary<string, string>();

var printSettings = new PrintSettings
PrintWithDeviceHub = true,
DefinePrinterManually = true
PrinterID = printerID,
NumberOfCopies = 1

printGraph.AddPrintJob($"Label for x", printSettings, (string)null, reportParams, null);

return adapter.Get();

Understand, this is by no means a working code block.

EDIT: just realized you may not be looking for code 🙄

Thanks, do I have to put this in to a customization? how to do that?

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There may be a way to do it without customization. If you weren't asking for a customization, disregard that answer. It would take more expertise and context.

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Hi @alistair were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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