I can't get the Pick List form to sort by the SOShipLine.InventoryID OR SOShipLineSplit.InventoryID

  • 17 December 2020
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I am new to developing forms in Acumatica and in Acumatica in general, my coding knowledge might be just starting to hit intermediate level, although with C# I would say I am still basic.  However my issue doesn’t seem to be code related it seems to be more of an issue of me not understanding HOW the sorting works in Acumatica.  On the Pick List form on the Detail Section 1 area (not kits the next detail area) it has 2 fields that I want to sort by,  SOShipLine.InventoryID OR SOShipLineSplit.InventoryID.  I put those 2 fields in the Schema Builder in the Sorting area, however it completely IGNORES anything I seem to put there, I tried with the out of box form and our customized form and the sorting does literally NOTHING in BOTH cases so I clearly must not understand something, I will attach the relevant pictures.  If someone could explain to me how I can get this form to sort by the InventoryID instead of the BIN location or anything else that is what I need.  I thought this would be very simple but I have been trying for days literally, read the ENTIRE manual Acumatica puts out for the report builder and it is WAY WAY WAY to basic, it doesn’t go into ANY kind of detail at all. 

Is there more I need to do besides putting the field I want to sort by in the Sorting?  I put both SOShipLine.InventoryID and SOShipLineSplit.InventoryID in the sorting box and I tried each one individually, and I tried adding each one into the Grouping, and when I do that lines go missing out of the report.  So I clearly do not know what I am doing with Sorting and Grouping.   Also if anyone has a link to a GOOD DETAILED manual on how the Reports in Acumatica works I would LOVE to read it. 

Thank You in Advance, 




Here is it not working if you look at the 2 lines one starts with REPG2 and the next is REPG0  and I have it ascending so it should be opposite of this, I did check with larger reports no difference.

Here is an example of it not working.



the highlight is the field I am trying to sort by although it is quite a mess.
Here is the value of the InventoryID and description area.
Here is the Sorting and Grouping TAB
From the collections menu, Sorting Field 1


From the collections menu, Sorting Field 2




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Hi @scottm99

Can you please share another screenshot for the groupkit, to know what are the sorting columns you have mentioned.



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hello, the “sorting” in the group section has higher priority than the sorting section.
you can take a look at my similar question



Hi @scottm99

Can you please share another screenshot for the groupkit, to know what are the sorting columns you have mentioned.


Ok here is a picture of the groupKit as requested:

I appreciate ANY help as it just seems to IGNORE me ENTIRELY!



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hello, we are listening, and we have gave you some directions.

To be more specific,

can you change like below and have a try


also, please be noted.

The inventoryID in DB is integer, like 9,10,11,12

the inventoryID you see on screen is actually called “inventoryCD” in DB.

Unfortunately changing the Grouping to InventoryItem.InventoryCD changed absolutely nothing.   It is still not sorting at all, it is doing the EXACT same thing.  I do not for the life of me understand WHY it is so hard to do something so SIMPLE in Acumatica.  It should N O T be this hard.


I tried your suggestion BOTH on the out of the box 2020 R1 form and our custom form that has been with us since 2019 R1.   I tried this because I had a couple other forms where Acumatica decided to change some of the field names in a couple of the forms.  I can not tell if this is the case with the Pick List form or not as I noticed on the out of the box form there is a new section called InventoryLocked but it seems to use all the same field names so I don’t think that is causing a problem.  I did try the InventoryItem.InventoryCD on B O T H the out of the box form AND our custom form, in BOTH cases it does the very same nothing.


Here is a picture of it changed as requested and you will be able to see it is the out of the box form as well.  

Out of box 2020 R1 form in Schema Builder.
Once again Acumatica is IGNORING my sort.


How can I get this thing to do a BRAIN DEAD simple sort Alphabetically in the ITEM section, that is all I need, it shouldn’t be this hard!


I also do not understand how using InventoryItem.InventoryCD is helpful when that item area has not one single field in it that matches InventoryItem.InventoryCD?  Why would the out of the box form call different fields if InventoryItem.InventoryCD is the field that should have been called, shouldn’t that field InventoryItem.InventoryCD have been in the item section if that is in fact the right field?


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I am sorry, I did not look carefully.
for your displaying grouping logic, would firstly sort by loctionCD, then inventoryCD

so you have to move the lnventoryCD above the locationCD, or if you don’t need, you can delete locationCD line.



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