How to Mass Update Records with Generic Inquiry

  • 21 October 2023
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  • Do you have a new Cash Account, and need to add the new Cash Account to a large number of Open AP Bills?
  • Are you adding Sales Tax module, and you need to apply a new Tax Zone to Customers based on their Zip Codes?
  • Are you changing Salespeople to different zones or products, and you need to update existing Default Salesperson for your Customers or existing Product Manager on your Inventory Items?

Mass Update Records may help you!

In this example, a company opened a new bank account and needs to update the Cash Account on 3000 open AP Bills. Mass Update is one way to update open bills. (Import Scenario is another way that is not covered in this post.)

  1. Add the Cash Account field that needs to be changed to the Results tab of Generic Inquiry:
Add Cash Account to AP Bills Inquiry
  1. On Entry Point tab of Generic Inquiry screen, Enable Mass Record Updates.
  1. On Mass Update Fields tab of Generic Inquiry, add the field to be updated; in this case, Cash Account.
  1. Return to your newly updated Generic Inquiry. Shown below is Bills & Adjustments Preview List generic inquiry. Use Column Configurator to add the “Selected’ button to the left side of Bills & Adjustments PL.
  1. Optional: Filter the generic inquiry as needed, to identify fields to be updated. In this example, I filtered Type = Bill, Cash Account = old Cash Account to be replaced, and Status = Open (only open documents can be updated in my example).
Use Filters to focus on exact records to be updated
  1. Select rows to be updated.  Click [...] (Menu formerly known as Actions Menu 😉) and select appropriate Update action based on your situation.
  1. Enter New Value when prompted by Values for Update pop-up:
Enter New Value for Cash Account
  1. Results: 4 lines updated to new Cash Account:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You may wish to return to Step 2 and Disable Mass Update of Records when your update task is completed.

Every User with Edit or higher access rights in AP Bills & Adjustments screen will see the new Update option in the AP Bills Preview List, unless Roles are further updated to include/exclude the Mass Update option.


To your continued success….



6 replies

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Thank you for sharing this tip with the community @Laura02!

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@Laura02 thanks for sharing!

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Thanks @Laura02  - 


I’ve noticed an odd behavior of some of the GIs I’ve built - When selecting records to update using the Mass Record Updates, most of the row values will go blank when I select the record. Sometimes, if I select multiple records the row values won’t go blank but the checkboxes will show unchecked


 Is there something in the way the GI is built that might be causing this? Has anyone else experienced similar behaviors?  

Is there a way to remove the Update All in the actions menu and leave the Update just for selected, as we want this functionality where staff are able to update a field but not accidentally update all fields by miss clicking on the field? 

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Hello @QEDELouw ,

Please try revoking access to Process All as in this example showing Release AP Documents screen:

If your Generic Inquiry does not offer ability to remove access rights to Process All in Access Rights by Screen, then a customization might be needed to remove ability to update all.


Hi Laura.

Thanks for the reply.


I have made a new generic inquiry and copied the previous one to test this functionality, but looking at the Access Rights by Screen but there is no Process All item for the generic inquiry.



If I am not able to do this via normal processes, how do I copy the generic inquiry into a customization in order to view the screen as it is with the ability to customize it within a new project. 

As I see you cannot select a screen which is a generic inquiry, but for me selecting the generic inquiry in the customization doesnt seem to show the generic inquiry. If you could point me to where I can do this that would be great thanks.



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