How to Add Email Signature To Report Designer

  • 13 July 2022
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HI All,

I am wondering is it possible to add email signature to the mail setting in Report Designer. 
Currently the email signature on the User Profile no longer automatically applied to the invoice when I am sending it via Invoice screen AR641000. It is only showing the text I have setup in Report Designer. 
Email signature only works If I use the Print Form screen and generate the invoice then send on that screen, which is strange as that screen would have been the same as the invoice card. 

I would want to avoid using email Template in Acumatica because I am not familiar with where to find the information. 

Kind regards,



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Hey Calvin - I know you said you’re not comfortable with the email templates in Acumatica, but I think that if you’re comfortable modifying documents in Report Designer, you should find them pretty easy. 

I did have trouble getting user email signatures ((UserPrefs.MailSignature)) added to our email templates. You can use the “append” checkbox when selecting source which is what we often do, but I also discovered that you can add ((Employee.AcctName)) as a field, which in our case works well for creating a generic email signature prefixed by the ((Employee.AcctName))  


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Hi @kyle90,

Thank you for your suggestion. I usually have Append and it does bring over the signature. Problem is that I am not sure why the file is not attached when I have set it up on the template under report section. 

Also another issue using a template is that I don’t know how to create “IF” logic in the template. In Report Designer, I have created the email body so that it will either select the customer name on file or use the word “Customer” when the field is empty. 

Below is what it looks like when I try to use template via source. The signature will come but it will not generate report. 

If I use the email function in Action (Not “Send Email”), it will generate what is setup on Report Designer EXCEPT the user signature. It does read the user field properly because it does auto generate the user email on BCC as per my setup in Report Designer. 

Is there something that can be done in Report Designer to prompt it to generate User Signature when they are using the email function?

Kind regards,


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I’ve always thought that the process was a bit tedious, but we have a number of different email templates that we rely on and so our team open’s the document using the Print Report from the same menu - and then selects Send from the document. That should get you to the same place with the appropriate document attached

I know we did have to work with our VAR to get a little bit of customization that allows us to run the SO report regardless of order status since the default wasn’t allowing us to do so when an order was shipping. 


I’m certainly not an expert here, but I would think that you can attach the report to the email template using the “attached reports” tab under the notification template. Getting conditional statements in a notification template is probably possible with macros or something but that’s way above my head. 


Maybe a little more activity on this thread will help get you some better answers! 





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Thanks @kyle90.

We are currently using the method you suggesting. I was hoping to be more simple and direct with Acumatica as it was working before the upgrade to 2021 R1.

If anyone have other suggestion on how to fix it please let me know.

Thank you,


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Are you still having an issue adding user email signature to your email template? 

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I have been testing different datafields to use a users email signature with an email template.

I have only been testing with SO.30.10.00 sales order entry screen.


I found two that work with email templates so far:

  1. ((GeneralInfo.MailSignature)) - successfully uses current user (logged in user) email signature when using the “Send Email” action
  2. ((Document.OwnerID.MailSignature)) - successfully uses the document owner email signature when using the “Send Email” action

I found that ((UserPrefs.MailSignature)) only works if you “Send” from the printed report, select the email template and replace content, not ideal.


So, if you want a user to be able to use the Send Email action, you can use one of the two above depending how you want it determine what signature to use. Personally, I prefer document owner, because the user can change the document owner as necessary.

I tried all of the “Salesperson” email signature fields and none that I found work.

Hope this helps.


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