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It’s bugged me for a while now that there’s no easy way to see where a GI is currently referenced. The GIs that I’ve built could be used in any of the following:

  • Site Map - ie. published to user menu or via search
  • Import Scenario
  • Dashboard KPI widget
  • OData  - ie. Power BI

I wanted to try and build a GI that would be able to check these different locations but it doesn’t seem possible. For example, KPIScoreSettings DAC has the InquiryScreenID as nonexistent in DB. 

Has anyone ever tackled this problem?

Would be really nice to see a screen in Acumatica that could do this. And also flag GIs that don’t appear to be used at all. 

The other thing i noticed is Access History page doesn’t track GIs called from other locations - eg. Widgets. It only tracks GIs accessed by Site Map. KPI widgets for example wont show the GI used in Access History.


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I’m also very interested in finding a solution to this! I’ve been tasked with trying to clean up our generic inquiry list. I want to remove unused/inaccurate GI’s… but I can’t find out how to know if those GI’s are feeding any dashboards or not. 

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You can use the GIDesign table to list all Generic Inquiries including their last modified information, Odata preference, and site map presence. 


You can use the Widget table to list all Widgets on dashboards and the formula below to find the Generic Inquiry they reference.  

=IIF(InStr( [Widget.Settings],'<InquiryScreenID>')=0,'',Substring( [Widget.Settings],InStr( [Widget.Settings],'<InquiryScreenID>')+17,InStr( [Widget.Settings],'</InquiryScreenID>')-InStr( [Widget.Settings],'<InquiryScreenID>')-17))


Pull the resulting GIs to Excel to find unused GIs, or create a join between Widget and GI Design to find unused GIs. 


Hope this helps.


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