Generic Inquiry: Return substring from a currency value (remove auto-inserted trailing 00s)

  • 15 April 2021
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The mission with this generic inquiry is to show the payment amount value with the decimal stripped out. I’ve tried a few formulas but Acumatica seems to want to add 2 trailing 0s when I do that. 




The goal is, instead of showing $8321.05, to show:  832105

In SQL I’d want to return a substring, or trim 2 characters from the right side of the string. Here are a few examples of what I’ve tried:


  • Try to get the field to display as a schema field ‘payment amount’
  • Try to get the field to display as schema field ‘doc description’
  • Try to return from the right side of the string, -2 positions: =Right(CStr( Replace(  [APPayment.CuryOrigDocAmt], '.' , '' ) ), -2)
  • Try to cast the field as a decimal =Replace(  CDec([APPayment.CuryOrigDocAmt]), '.' , '' )
  • Try to cast the field as a string  =Replace(  CStr([APPayment.CuryOrigDocAmt]), '.' , '' )


Any suggestions on this? Acumatica really seems to want to add those zeroes!


Best answer by Neil Cantral 15 April 2021, 21:14

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2 replies

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I typically use an int field like LineCntr anytime I don’t want to deal with decimals. Below is how I would do the implied decimal for the Payment Amt.



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@Neil Cantral Ooh. That did it. Nice data manipulation. Thank you for showing your work! I’m back in business now. 


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