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  • 1 November 2022
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Hi, I want to generate a report from employee timecard . 

The filtering would be From Week ID and to To Week ID

The report will generate based on the filtering range week id and showing employee list name with the total hours for specific week . Here is the screenshot how the report should be looks like.


Is there any ways for me to extract the data in range of the filtered week ID?Please help me. Thanks


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Hi @wanizaidi27! Do you already have a report you are working on or is this still in the earliest phase of creation?

I think you may want to try creating a tabular report to show the data reading from left to right instead of top to bottom.

Here are the time card tables which will most likely hold the data you are looking for:


Hi, yes I am at earlier phase of creation. I know that I need to create the tabular data. I want to filter the report by week ID which means I will filter using parameter ‘from week ID’ and ‘to week ID’ which also means that I want to show the data by that range. But the problem is now, how can I show each week in each column as what in the screenshot excel I attached and how I can pass the parameter to filter out all the data by each of the column.


Hi, I have managed to resolve the issue above but I encountered some others issues which is;

  1. How can I make my report size fixed to A4 size if I choose range for only one or two data. 
    I make the report layout size smaller
    but the report generated become smaller if I choose only one data to come out
    the report looks good if only I choose large range of data

but if I set the report width more wider, the data will generate with wider gap. like below screenshot

  1. How to add another column at the end of the tabular column? Because as I know, if we put the column at the right side of the red line, the column will be automatically duplicate as much data we have.

    I want to put those columns(in the red box) at the end of my tabular columns. Is it possible?

I hope I can get the solution from your help. Thank you


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