Converting a report formula into a generic inquiry.

  • 13 August 2021
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Hi, I am trying to convert a pre-existing report to a generic inquiry. Most of the hurdles I have managed to figure out, however I have gotten stuck at the formula for a balance.

The formula is as follows:

I would like to know why I can’t find [ARRegister.SignBalance] in the generic inquiry. 



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Hi @branson53 ! I have seen this before with the SignBalance field and it is not available to use in GI, but there should be a workaround. Have you tried using something where if the DocType is X, then take the amount and  *( -1), then proceed with the expression.

Based on the source code screen it appears this is just a read-only field, which often times means the field is not able to be used in GI type environment:

But there are only three possible values for this field so it should be able to be worked around using an IIF statement and multiplying by -1 if needed.


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