Can we add "switch" on widgets of dashboard

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      We have a dashboard with 10+ widgets.
every time, when I view the dashboard, all the widget are getting data in the backend, sometimes, it would be quite time consuming.
      Can I add “Switch on” “Switch off” on each widget?

What I want is like below:
   The most often used widgets are switch on by default, it would load data when viewing the dashboard.

   The rest widgets are switch off by default, it would only load data when user manually click “load” or switch on the widget.


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I can’t remember what version this got introduced in, but you can now control how frequently each individual Widget refreshes when you load the Dashboard. I don’t see a Never option, but Every Week is pretty close:



You can manually refresh a Widget by hovering and clicking Update:


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Hello Tim, thank you for your help.
however, per my test, it is not exactly the thing I want.

Per my test, “Refresh data” setting is a way to automatically refresh the data while this dashboard of screen is kept opening.

But every time if I change the parameter of the dashboard, it would still cause the widget to reload the data.



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Ah, I missed the part about parameters. Good point.


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