Add system generate warnings to a generic inquiry

  • 11 June 2024
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Is there a way to add system generated warnings into an generic inquiry.

Example: A customer is past due on payment, and when a new order is entered there is a yellow warning flag next to the customer’s name that reads “The customer’s Days Past Due number of day has been exceeded!”

My users have asked if this flag could be added to the Sales Order’s generic inquiry so when they are reviewing open order they can quickly see if there are order that have a warning. 



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Hi @Del,

It appears there is no direct way to display warnings in a Generic Inquiry (GI) in Acumatica. However, you can use the Row Style feature in the GI to highlight sales orders with past due exceeded customers. This visual distinction will help you easily identify and differentiate these sales orders within the GI.

Here's how to apply row styling in a GI:

  1. Navigate to the Generic Inquiry screen where you want to apply the styling.
  2. Edit the GI and go to the "Results Grid" section.
  3. Click on the "Row Style" button to open the row style configuration.
  4. Add a new row style rule with the condition to check if the customer's credit days past due exceed the threshold.
  5. Set the background color or any other style property to visually highlight the rows that meet the condition.

This method will help you visually distinguish sales orders with past due exceeded customers in your Generic Inquiry.


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Thank you,

I will give this a try.


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