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  • 14 June 2023
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Good morning.

I am a potential customer of Acumatica and I am curious about some of the solutions I’ve read on here for capturing time on orders on the production floor.  We have a small-medium manufacturing facility in which I’ll need to expense time to large time-frame production orders as well on spare parts sales orders.  We have about 50 people clocking in and out of orders throughout the day.  Currently we use old school punch clocks with hand written order numbers for allocation.  This process I feel will be even more tedious in Acumatica, hence the need for streamlined time data collection fed to ERP payroll.

So far I read here that people have written their own code to accomplish this and a few people dismayed at the time it takes to do this through Acumatica, with no comoon concesus, as far as I’ve read, on which is best practices.  

I’d appreciate any feedback ffrom people with similar requirements and how they have tackled this issue.

Thanks for your time and have a fantastic day!


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I realize you mentioned you’re in a manufacturing space, but on the Acumatica Marketplace, WorkMax TIME is available.

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Hello @BDPJosh ,

Perhaps you could check out BizRun. I worked with them and a client last year to integrate BizRun timekeeping mobile app with Acumatica payroll, with positive results.


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We just implemented BizRun with in our new Acumatica implementation, and BizRun has made all the difference in deciding to continue using Acumatica PR. We have hourly and salary payroll that must be charged to specific projects. BizRun’s flow to Acumatica is 100% automated--no export/import or initiating a data flow manually. It’s customizable in terms of security, how to charge time, where time can be charged, how time gets approved and goes to Acumatica PR, etc. It will definitely meet your production timekeeping needs, and it can be used on any phone, tablet or computer (and BizRun has a great app that’s very easy to use). This was our primary need to be able to continue using Acumatica PR, but it has all the other HR functions as well (PTO, holidays, benefits, EE data/comp/document management, training/certification tracker, performance management, etc.)--all for one price and all seamlessly flowing with Acumatica. Recruiting is an add-on option that we decided to leave for a later phase to focus on higher needs, but I feel like BizRun has everything we could possibly need now and in the future. We have not setup performance management or benefit enrollment yet, so I can’t personally vouch for those with any details, but I would be happy to help with any other questions you might have. I priced every payroll and timekeeping solution in Acumatica’s marketplace, plus a few other recommendations. I feel their product is far superior to the other solutions and we could not be happier with our choice. Plus, we are getting more for our money with BizRun than any of the other solutions we priced, and their support has been amazing. So far, no downside!

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@BDPJosh we encountered the challenge of collecting production order time using barcodes and scanners when first implementing Acumatica. We came up with a somewhat economical solution that does not require an ISV. We are using an outside service for Payroll, so I cannot help with that subject.

But, if you have not already decided on a solution for Production Clock Entry data collection, give these posts a read. I am happy to share the xml files and rpx files to help your team if you decide our method suits your application.


  • PC Workstation with Monitor Display
    • We set it up as simple user with access only to a browser
    • Gave PW access to production supervisors to ensure the workstation is always available for shop employees to scan their badge and production tickets
  • Scanner
    • We are using a simple USB tethered symbol scanner
  • User Role for Clock Entry only
    • Created a user and user role with access only to the Clock Entry screen
  • Clock Entry Screen
    • Employees can scan their badge barcode
      • We used a brother printer to print the employee barcodes and stuck them to employee badges we are using for payroll (Paychex) not connected to Acumatica.
      • You’ll need the latest brother driver software to print barcodes
      • Simply copy past the employee ID and it will create a barcode
    • We modified the screen slightly by removing the “Current User” button for two reasons:
      • It will never be used - shop employees don’t need to be inconvenienced with need to remember a username and password. That’s why we made a “Clock Entry” user and role
      • If you remove this button, each scan will go the appropriate field for the next scan. With the button there, it would require them to use a mouse to select the next field, minor inconvenience
    • The user must click “Clock In” and “Clock Out” with a mouse
  • Production Ticket
    • We made a custom production ticket that only prints barcodes, no materials because our warehouse picks the materials. We found the materials list to be distracting for our shop employees.
    • We modified it to print the following barcodes:
      • Order Type
      • Production Number
      • Operations

Note: We also created a custom GI for Manager to see who is currently clocked in and on what production order, what operation, date, start time, etc.


I am happy to share the screen customization, custom production ticket rpx file and custom GI. But, it’s a good idea to consult your VAR if you don’t have someone internal who knows how to properly implement.


I hope you find this helpful until Acumatica can address and make labor collection more user friendly out of the box. It took a lot of thinking and some customization to make this work around efficient. But, we now have (4) clock entry work stations and they are working great.


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