Payroll Timeclock integration

  • 1 July 2021
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Has anyone found an add on that integrates with Acumatica payroll that allows for timeclock functionanlity (mobile or punch clock) and also allows for PTO requests, The only add-ons in the marketplace seem to be for project tracking or a full HRMS platform. 


The native time entry for Acumatica mobile wants the user to put in the time start and then the hours. That won’t work for them. They need employees to punch in and out and have those show in the timecard with the system doing the match. 




8 replies

I am curious how to leverage proximity cards / punch clocks with Acumatica Payroll aswell.

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We actually wrote our own timeclock for entry and pull that data into Acumatica and post it to the clock entry screen (basically). I was unable to find what I was looking for in the market place and evaluated other time solutions (Kronos etc) and just found they were great but overly complex for what we wanted which was a clock a user could use their ID and Work Order to clock into an operation and then post that time once approved. I know that is not a big help but I definitely look forward to tracking how you solve this. 

@cmoreland  was this a hardware-based solution? 

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No it was all software based. in a nut shell utilized touch screens and a web client.

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it seems like Acumatica time and expense does not support Time card from i read.

so for hourly paid employees, how can we keep track of their hours within Acumatica?

Thank you


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@cmoreland you used works orders right? We're using the projects module and I need our team to be able to simply clock on and clock off projects they are working on. The Acumatica app can do it but it is terribly clunky and will not be practical for guys who need to change jobs many times a day in a busy factory environment. 

Really interesting that you had to build your own - would be glad to know what you used to build this? PowerApps? Actual program? 


I guess you store the times in a secondary DB and then pump them over to Acumatica on a schedule or something?

We’ve been using Exaktime made by Arcoro.  Caveat is...they do no have PTO tracking.

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WE have integrated payroll to Time and Attendance from Time Equipment company multiple times



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