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  • 20 July 2023
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Does anyone know of a table/datafield that stores the site URL? I’m trying to feed parameters into a GI navigation link and have it be transferable across multiple sites without needing to update the URL on each site. Thanks!


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I dont believe it is held in any table but done through the IIS. You could always add a field to the Company table to store the URL and do it that way

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You can use an unbound field, here I added it to the SOOrder table:

using PX.Data;
using PX.Data.Update;
using PX.Objects.SO;

namespace PX.Objects
// Acuminator disable once PX1016 ExtensionDoesNotDeclareIsActiveMethod extension should be constantly active
public class SOOrderSiteURLExt : PXCacheExtension<SOOrder>
#region UsrSiteURL
[PXUIField(DisplayName="Site URL")]
[PXUnboundDefault(typeof(SiteURLConstant), PersistingCheck = PXPersistingCheck.Nothing)]
public virtual string UsrSiteURL { get; set; }
public abstract class usrSiteURL : PX.Data.BQL.BqlString.Field<usrSiteURL> { }

public class SiteURLConstant : PX.Data.BQL.BqlString.Constant<SiteURLConstant>
public SiteURLConstant() : base(PXInstanceHelper.HostName) { }


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This won’t work with GIs, but an elegant solution for reports is here.


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