How can I get Acumatica to recognize an existing Instance on a new machine?

  • 24 October 2022
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I'm currently trying to test some of Acumatica's command line functionalities. I created an Instance on a computer through the CLI Tool, and then copied the instance + database over to a different machine. I got the site running by starting it directly with IIS and up until now it’s been running succesfully.

However, I am now trying to upgrade the site through the CLI Tool, and Acumatica doesn’t seem to recognize the site's existence. Is there any workaround to get Acumatica to detect the site so that I can run the upgrade/other additional commands?

I’m attaching an image for reference on the error I’m getting.


Just to be clear, I can only manage this machine through CLI.

this is the command I ran to start the Site with IIS
New-WebApplication -Site 'Default Web Site' -Name 'Acumatica21.1' -physicalPath 'C:\AcumaticaInstances\Acumatica21.1')


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I found the solution!

The acumatica wizard searches for the instance information in the registry files. You can set them by using the following commands:

new-itemproperty -path ('HKLM:\software\acumatica erp\' + %YOUR_INSTANCE_NAME%) -name Path -value %YOUR_INSTANCE_PATH%;

new-itemproperty -path ('HKLM:\software\acumatica erp\' + %YOUR_INSTANCE_NAME%) -name Type -value %YOUR_SITE_TYPE%;

new-itemproperty -path ('HKLM:\software\acumatica erp\' + %YOUR_INSTANCE_NAME%) -name VirtDirName -value %YOUR_VIRT_DIR_NAME%;

new-itemproperty -path ('HKLM:\software\acumatica erp\' + %YOUR_INSTANCE_NAME%) -name WebSiteName -value %YOUR_SITE%;


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Thank you for sharing your solution with the community @efrainsanchez06 !


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