Do you find Windows 11 painfully slower than Windows 10?

  • 12 June 2023
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I just setup a new laptop and had it provisioned for Windows 10 Pro.  Natively, it was setup for Win 11.  I had some issues with the new pc unrelated to Acumatica.  To try to resolve the issues, I “upgraded” to Win 11.  Everything is working fine.  I did not have any issues that I’ve seen others with SQL Server (YAY).  

It is already painful to launch the site as it is, especially since I am a developer and I have to recompile my library frequently.  However, it now takes twice as long to launch the Acumatica site.  It is so bad now, I’m thinking of undoing the 2 days I spent getting Win 11 configured and getting all my projects, apps etc. migrated.  I am actually considering reverting back to Win 10.  Win 10 will stop being supported after 2025, so I thought I would bite the bullet and just get it over with.

Has anyone else experienced this performance degradation when switching from Win 10 to Win 11?

2 replies

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@Joe Schmucker 

i am dealing with the same performance issues on one of my laptops that I accidentally upgraded to 11. 11 had huge conflict with McAfee when I started monitoring so I uninstalled McAfee but still considerably slower than windows 10.

I have noticed it struggles with Teams as well. When I’m on call using Teams and try to demo something I experience lagging a lot. This laptop is very decent 

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I rolled back.  It was quick and painless.  I was literally waiting 4 minutes for the site to launch after compiling my DLL (which I do about every 3 minutes when debugging and trying to get things to work properly).  This was not just an inconvenience.  It was a serious problem.

THANK GOD I was able to roll back to Win 10.  If I couldn’t roll back, I would have wiped my pc and started over.  It was that bad.


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