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  • 26 June 2023
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2023 Acumatica Developer Conference


The Acumatica Developer Conference is an annual conference that provides our technical community with the in depth knowledge & tools required to build great customizations, integrations and even applications, fully utilizing Acumatica’s cloud xRP platform.

This year’s event will be held over three (3) shorter days with three (3) hours of presentation each day. Last years attendee feedback suggested that it would work better for busy schedules to move from a two day format to a three day format. We will still include all the popular topics and in depth content as we have had in the past.

Our speakers are anchored by our Founder and CTO, Mike Shchelkonogov along with other Acumatica or Technical Community speakers. Please plan on joining us for all three days! The agenda and speakers have been finalized.


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2023 Virtual DevCon Sessions Schedule

(U.S. Pacific Time)

Jun 27 Tuesday 10:00-10:30 am

Dimitri Blondeel

Dimitri Blondeel

Welcome & Keynote

Dimitri will kicked off this year’s DevCon as the keynote speaker, setting the stage with an overview of Acumatica’s developer platform & strategy, reviewing some of the key technologies used by Acumatica that provide a wide array of opportunities for developers in building great solutions for their customers.


Jun 27 Tuesday 10:30-11:30 am

Nayan Mansinha

Nayan Mansinha

xRP Framework Fundamentals & Best Practices Part 1

Kicking off the sessions, Nayan presents the fundamentals of the xRP Framework and updates the audience on the feature & functionality enhancements over the past year.


Jun 27 Tuesday 11:40-12:40 pm

Nayan Mansinha

Nayan Mansinha

xRP Framework Fundamentals & Best Practices Part 2

Nayan continues his session with additional content and demos.


Jun 27 Tuesday 12:50-1:50 pm

Tony Lanzer

Tony Lanzer

Branching Strategies

In Tony’s session, he will be discussing Git branching strategies for developer building Acumatica customizations.


Day 1 Recording

Note - We had audio cut out briefly between the 20-40 second mark. 


Jun 28 Wednesday 10:00 am-10:10 am

Steven Houglum

Steven Houglum

Welcome & Recap of Day One

Steven will kick-off day two of our developer conference with a short recap of day one and provide a preview of the day’s sessions.


Jun 28 Wednesday 10:10 am-11:10 am

Sergey Nikomarov

Sergey Nikomarov

Acuminator & Acumatica Framework Rules

In this session, Sergey will discuss Acuminator and Acumatic’s Framework rules. 


June 28 Wednesday 11:20 am-12:20 pm

Yuriy Zaletskyy

Yuriy Zaletskyy

Acumatica Approval Maps

In Yuriy’s presentation, he’ll discuss approvals maps in Acumatica.


June 28 Wednesday 12:30 am-1:30 pm

Dhiren Chhapgar

Dhiren Chhapgar

Acumatica Advanced Developer Session

Dhiren will be presenting Acumatica as an Identity Provider (IdP) using OpenID Connect for Integrated Systems’ Single Sign-on (SSO).


Day 2 Recording


Jun 29 Thursday 10:00 am-10:10 am

Steven Houglum

Steven Houglum

Welcome & Recap of Day Two

Steven will kick-off the final day of our developer conference with a short recap of day one and provided a preview of the day’s sessions.


Jun 29 Thursday 10:10 am-11:10 am

Andrew Boulanov

Andrew Boulanov

Acumatica's New U/I

Andrew will be expanding his talk from this past Summit Developer track on our new U/I.


Jun 29 Thursday 11:20 am-12:20 pm

Varthini Bhaskaran

Varthini Bhaskaran

Web Services

Varthini will provide an overview and update on our Web Services capabilities as well as provide the fundamental background and tools to provide integration with your applications and other third-Party applications.


Jun 29 Thursday 12:30 pm-1:30 pm

Mike Shchelkonogov

Mike Shchelkonogov

Developer Roadmap Update

In our last session of the conference, Mike will update you on our developer roadmap and key initiatives for the Acumatica xRP Platform for 2023-2024.


Day 3 Recording


Our Speakers

Bhaskaran Varthini

Varthini Bhaskaran

Acumatica, Technical Account Manager

Varthini will be discussing Web Services for Acumatica ERP, there use, best practices and performance considerations.

Blondeel Dimitri

Dimitri Blondeel

Acumatica, VP Product Strategy

Dimitri is responsible for Acumatica overall product strategy which includes among other responsibilities, ISV, Technology and Product Evangelism, Platform Strategy to name a few.

Boulanov Andrew

Andrew Boulanov

Acumatica, Founder & Head of Platform Development

Andrew has 27 years of experience in information technology, predominantly in ERP products and platform design and development. He has been a part of Acumatica since the company’s inception. Prior to Acumatica, Andrew led the development office of SWSoft, working on the Solomon IV ERP system for Solomon Software, and then Great Plains.

Andrew holds a Master Degree in Computer Science from the Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics.

Chhapgar Dhiren

Dhiren Chhapgar

Acumatica, Director, Customization Services

Dhiren has over 16 years of experience in designing and developing enterprise business systems. In this role, he is working on developing Acumatica integrations with external systems, overseeing Acumatica open-source projects. He received his degree in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology Surat – India.

Houglum Steven

Steven Houglum

Acumatica, Sr Director, Technology and Product

With 30+ years in the Computer and Software business, Steven joined Acumatica 3 years ago to focus on technical enablement. technical sales support, technical content development and now to lead a team focused on the Acumatica community and technology. If you have any questions, please contact him (steven.houglum@acumatica.com) and let him know how he can make your Acumatica Community experience better.


Tony Lanzer

Tony Lanzer

Aktion Associates, Sr. Software Architect

Senior Software Developer/Architect and Team/Technical Leader with over 26 years of valuable hands-on development experience. Many years of extensive experience in the design and development of N-tier web applications and services; including a mastery of database design, OO design, and full-stack .NET application development. An ongoing eagerness for innovation, learning, sharing knowledge; and mentoring others in good design, best practices, and optimized code. The wisdom for estimating and prioritizing business needs, quality, effort, innovation, and schedules. The temperament to recognize and handle the calm or the storm; to plan for the worst, but inspire others to perform at their best.

Mansinha Nayan

Nayan Mansinha

Acumatica, Solution Architect

Mr. Mansinha has over 20 years of experience in IT related to business application development and professional services. Distinguished professional with a proven track record as Project Lead, in Project Development, Architecture Design, Framework design, and Component modeling and building. Before joining Acumatica, his experience includes developing custom modules in Dynamics SL at Lee Technologies, the industry’s most trusted and respected data center solutions provider, and was one of the core developers at Everest Software focusing on ERP product development and customizations.


Mr. Mansinha holds an Associate degree in the field of Computer Technology from Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology, Pune, India. He is also MCITP in Installation & Configuration for Microsoft Dynamics® SL


Nikomarov Sergey

Sergey Nikomarov

Acumatica, Sr. Developer

Sergey joined Acumatica in 2017 and started as an application developer on the OEM team, where he did a lot of Acumatica Framework development – along with doing several customizations. An example is a large customization for automated budget control for Censof, an OEM partner. In 2019, he joined the Platform Development team as a system developer. And most recently, Sergey is responsible for Acuminator and our RVT development and maintenance. Participating in a number of internal Acumatica hackathons, Sergey was part of the winning team – along with Vladimir Panchenko – that created Acuminator. In a subsequent hackathon, his team extended it further in developing the Code Map with some other improvements to Acuminator.

Shchelkonogov Mike

Mike Shchelkonogov

Acumatica, Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Mike has more than 18 years of experience in software project management, ERP software design and implementation. He was Director of Engineering for Parallels, the leading provider of desktop virtualization, OS containers, and control panel software. He was responsible for the development of Parallels Business Automation line of products. Prior to joining Parallels, Mike was the CTO of SWsoft consulting division, responsible for the implementation of custom ERP solutions and providing customer support.

He received a Master of Science degree (1996) in Applied Mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Zaletskyy Yuriy

Yuriy Zaletskyy

AcuPower, Ltd., CTO CO-Founder

Yuriy started programming in 2003 using C++ and FoxPro then switching to .Net in 2006. Beginning in 2013, he has been actively developing applications using the Acumatica xRP Framework, developing solutions for many clients over the years. He has a personal blog, aptly named Yuriy Zaletskyy’s Blog, where he has been documenting programming issues he’s run into over the past seven years – sharing his observations and solutions freely with other Acumatica developers.


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Hello this is  kiranmai Reddy i am from india this conference is more help for me i will learn more things i will get more knowledge for this conference i am just two months back i will start acumatica i dont have any experience just learn it and few more days i will get more knowledge thank you Acumatica Virtual Developer Conference 😁😁 

Super fun looking forward to future url gatherings.😀


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