Visual Planing Board- Changing dates and values manually

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I want to schedule the day and hour in Planning Board of Mnaufacturing Order manually! This is posible. But here comes the problem:

Each time after saving the new scheduled date the System is reset the date and time on original values? (System is not keeping the manually changed dates!)

I am using Acumatica 2021R2 (21.209.0034)


Does anybody have some idea what could be wrong?


Thanks a lot!



Best answer by Debbie Baldwin 8 July 2022, 14:22

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@TimWehrle32 the popup is not supported yet by Development. If you want to change a date for a Production order, you need to set the date on the grid (left) and firm the schedule. 

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Thanks a lot Debbie! Is it also posibel to change the times (Hours, minutes)?

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@TimWehrle32 - no - we don’t support drag and drop on the board (which is essentially the same thing you are asking for but “manually”) - In later versions this popup is locked down and you can’t get to it so as not to confuse users. We need to do more work on the linking of child production orders before we can tackle the drag and drop functionality. 

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OK. I totally agree!! “Drag& Drop” means at the end to speak about a full APS Solution which is than no more core ERP :-).


Thanks a lot for you fast reply!



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@TimWehrle32 once we enhance the linking of production orders, we plan to support drag and drop functionality in the core ERP. It will take a few more releases but we will get there. 


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