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  • 15 November 2022
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My company is wanting to use Acumatica for forecasting.  I have read several topics that I can find on this subject but haven’t found anything helpful yet.  We are wanting to be able to put in a yearly forecast for each month.  Some months will not be the same as others;  example Jan. -25, Feb - 30, March =100 and so on.  Is Acumatica able to do this kind of forecasting?  I am new to Acumatica and have only usesd APO in the past..  I can only find where you enter 1 qty for the part code and it doesn’t appear to be taking what is in WIP or safety stock into consideration.  


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8 replies

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@mdoerr  - Have you taken the M100 course for Manufacturing. This is a very “Light” exercise on how to “generate” the forecast and then move to the forecasting screen that might help?


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Acumatica supports forecasts via the Forecast (AM202000) form. You can either enter forecasts manually or generate them by by using the Generate Forecast (AM502000) form

Forecasts may depend on the sales orders created in the system; that is, the quantity of items in the sales orders will reduce the forecast quantity. For dependent forecasts, you select the check box in the Dependent column on the Forecast form. For example, suppose that the forecast is an item quantity of 200 for September 1 to September 30, and sales orders with promise dates between September 1 and September 30 have a total open quantity of 150. Then the remaining forecast of 50 is used by MRP.

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Does the forecast need to be entered monthly or can it be entered for the entire year depending on the month?


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Hi mdoerr!

To calculate for an entire year by intervals, users can use the Calculate By Month checkbox on the Generate Forecasts screen.

Currently, the only intervals available are monthly. Additional testing might be needed to see if users can define an interval in something other than a month - like 25, 100, etc.


Tested locally :

- Selected calculate by month

- Save and calculate

- It listed calculated numbers for each month  ( multiple lines / per month for same item and warehouse combination )

- Selected the calculated lines and processed ( need to select all lines )

- Forecast was generated for each month for same item and warehouse combination



I hope this helps!


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I see where i can enter multiple dates for forecast in the Forecast Form.  I am needing to enter forecasts and safety stocks for our finished goods products.  Then when I go into Release production orders, there isn’t any there for the test code that I am using.  I have entered 50pcs for forecast, 50pcs for safety stock.  I only have 9 pcs in WIP and I don’t have any sales orders for this part code that isn’t in completed status.


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@mdoerr  - Did you run MRP to get your Planned orders? 

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Yes, I did run MRP to get the planned orders.  My forecast is 50pcs and my safety stock is 25pcs.  I can get it to plan for safety stock or forecast but I cannot get it to consider both.  Example - i have 9pcs on hand and either I get 41pcs to forecast or 16pcs to forecast.  I am expecting a planned order for 66 pcs

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@mdoerr  - This just seems like some type of setup issue. Can you open a support case and then they can take a look at  your setup to make sure everything is set up correctly? Make sure to include screenshots of Forecast, Safety Stock , MRP Details, etc. and they should be able to walk you through this. 


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