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  • 28 October 2022
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Hi All,

When I create a Material Transaction for a Production Order type that has the following settings, all materials in the system still show up, yet I just get an error.


Is there some setting in the system that gets rid of all materials in the Selection Box that are not on the Production Order BOM?

It seems just odd especially when the Production Ticket is not being utilized as a source of what material was used.

Any suggestions or just not possible?

Production Order Type settings:



View in Materials Transaction:



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4 replies

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@krausef77 it’s unclear from above what you are trying to do. Can you explain step by step what you are trying to accomplish? 

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@krausef77 it’s unclear from above what you are trying to do. Can you explain step by step what you are trying to accomplish? 

Hi Debbie,


I am creating a Production Order based on a Bill of Material that has Material specified under Operation ID 10.
I am creating a Material Transaction against the Production Order which has the type as specified in the screenshot.

The Order Type does not allow Material to be released that is not on the Production order / Bill of Material.

The system gives me an error if I choose the wrong material, but I was wondering why all materials show up - despite the restriction on the Order Type - when I want to select the materials to release. It seems to be confusing when a company has an extensive part list or very similar items.

Is there a setting for this or is the error message the only thing that is possible?

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This Production Order Type setting should both control the selector pop-up panel as well as the data entry when creating material transactions to not allow material not on the production BOM from being entered.


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I would suggest either using the Material Wizard, you can click on it on the Material forms, to select your production order or Release Materials action from the Production Order Maintenance form.  Either way ti will list the material to be issued if they are available an prepare the Materials batch,


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