Product Configurator- take over data from SO line


we plan to cover the proces, that we can take data from SO line automatically into linked Product Configuration!

Did someone work on this process? Does someone know if this is an standard process in Acumatica?

(Optional: take data direct vie REST- API into Product Configuration→ Is this posible? Any experience?:-))


Thanks a lot in advance!





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The endpoints for the Product Configurator are not yet exposed.  This is on the Manufacturing roadmap, however.

Hi Angie,


thanks a lot for your answer!




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Hi @TimWehrle32 based on your below comments, you can use Business Events  to trigger an import scenario instead of REST-API approach to feed data to the Product configurating residing inside Acumatica.

Alternatively, if you are a developer, I would also recommend to use a push notification and insert the insert the details to the Product Configurator.

“ (Optional: take data direct vie REST- API into Product Configuration→ Is this posible? Any experience?:-))”



I’m going to run into the same thing on a future project.  Where did you land on this one?

Hi @jeremypotoka6, we stopped the project at the moment. Therefore no news from my side :-) BR


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For the record we are also looking for information on this. It would be nice if there was even the smallest amount of documentation and native support for the product configurator package, but that does not seem to be the case 

Hi we are using the product configurator and wondering if anyone has modified the sales order form to include the selected configuration data?  There is a sample pdf in help and instructions but looking for help on this topic.

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@TShoaff Hi, wondering if you can link to that PDF

The pdf can be found if you search help “adding configuration data to forms”  The pdf is at the bottom of the screen.

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Two questions:

@angierowley75 is there a timeline on the API endpoints for the product configurator? 2022R1 maybe? :)


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New endpoints are introduced only in R2 releases.  So 2022R2 would be the earliest. 


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