MRP and Past Due Dates

  • 12 July 2022
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I need a refresher...if you have Past Due PO’s, Work Orders, Sales Orders, etc., what does MRP do with the items on those orders. Does it skip over them by default or are they included?

My purchasing team is thinking the item in the attached pics should have a Safety Stock requirement in the list but I’m thinking there are enough open PO’s that the system doesn’t see a need for a Safety Stock order yet.

Hopefully someone in the community can offer some insight!


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3 replies

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I think we need to look at the replenishment tab of the item to see more information.  What is Demand Calculation set to on item/item class?

From the help:

I’m sure this isn’t the complete answer you need but I hope I’ve helped and given you some ideas.


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We do not currently have the Inventory Replenishment feature enable…

We have multiple warehouses and are using the fields on the Replenishment and Manufacturing tabs at the Warehouse level because we may have different requirements at each warehouse.

Do we need to have Inventory Replenishment enabled for this to work properly?


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MRP considers all approved supply and demand orders regardless of their promise dates provided orders on hold are not excluded (in MRP Preferences).


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