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  • 8 September 2022
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Looking for input on how to correct a product configuration and resulting production order that is in progress or completed.

Scenario: A production order is created and partially completed, when it is decided that there needs to be a small change to the configuration. We manufacture portable storage buildings ( and in our case, this might be something as simple as changing the paint color due to a customer request or inventory needs changing midstream. 

The more common scenario is that a production employee made a mistake in the construction and now the configuration needs to be corrected to match the physical unit.


Currently, there is no option modify the product configuration in any way after the production order has been released. The closest we can come is creating a new production order that consumes the finished good from the first production order, create the correct configuration result and then manually modify the materials. This, as you can imagine is very cumbersome.

Is there any way around this issue?

7 replies

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@Freeman Helmuth, I have in the past with customers just had them update the production order details with the correct information (place on hold then modify) or the system also allows you to issue material not previously listed on the production order. This shows on the details with a qty required of zero but with a qty actual. This is useful as you can tell what was not originally on the order. I would just issue the correct color/material and receive back the incorrect item or delete from the details. 

Unfortunately when the production order is processed, the configuration is locked but for good reason. This is because the configuration could update something that you have issued/consumed and we would not want that. So this is why its typically easier to just update the production order to reflect the change and leave the configuration as is. If the order is just released, set back to plan and update. Otherwise you will most likely need to do the above. 

Hope this helps. 

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@stephenhennelly Thanks for the reply. I’m already aware of how to change the materials, that’s not the issue. The problem I have is the configuration.

All of our individual products are unique and therefore require configuration. We need a single place where we have a “source of truth” about a product configuration and the plan has been to use the configuration attached to the production order, so we have to have a way to modify it.

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Would it be possible to do a negative move on the inventory and put the correct inventory item into the system? I am not sure how that would work with the configuration, but might allow you to get the data that you need. 

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Hi @Freeman Helmuth - were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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@Chris Hackett 

No we weren’t able to find a good solution.

We’re going to customize the product configurator to allow modifications after production has started. If a user does this, the customization will skip updating materials on the production order and the user will be warned that they need to manually update the materials.

@Freeman Helmuth how has this solution worked for you?  We implemented in August (we build fuel trailers - base products with varying options that we use configurations to build the order).  I am having what I believe is a similar issue - we build some units for stock, so they are configured and completed to inventory, and may require some slight modifications to sell.  In some cases it is add something, in other cases it is remove something, or both (e.g. remove a 35’ reel and replace w/ a 50’ reel).


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Working well. However we are planning to make some more modifications in the near future to completely recalculate the materials for the production order based on the new configuration, and then post that adjustment to inventory. This is still a far future project for us so we have nothing to share at the moment.

The override to allow configuration modifications after production completion is actually very simple.


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