FreghtPOP Enterprise TMS Software Integration

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Has anyone created an integration with FreightPOP Enterprise TMS Software?


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I don’t think we have an integration with FreightPOP. Why do you need them? Anything specific that existing partners like Easypost, Pacejet or Starship can’t provide?

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Thanks for the update Igor.  The Customer is currently using FreightPOP and has open development hours they could apply toward any additional customizations needed for specific to their business.

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I see. Several options here:

  1. If FreightPOP is wiling to build an integration with Acumatica we can assist them. 
  2. Analyse these specific customer requirements and see if existing integrations already cover those. If not - may be it can be done with relatively small efforts.
  3. Talk to one of the existing integration platforms that are already connected with Acumatica. Like They might be able to connect two systems.
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FreightPop includes a connection to CH Robinson,  We have not been able to find any other existing integration that has CH Robinson as a carrier.

I am going to get estimates to develop the FreightPop integration to see if it is feasible.




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Pacejet ( is connected to CH Robinson

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Thank you for the update- I will definitely check into this.



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I am meeting with FreightPOP on Thursday.   They are interested in learning more about the Acumatica Developer Network program.  Will keep you posted.


Another advantage to FreightPop is the also do inbound shipping. So if the client is steering their vendors to ship with specific carriers, FreightPop can handle it.


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That is great to know.  FreightPop is holding off becoming a formal member of the Acumatica Developer Network 



Do you have contact information for anyone at FreightPop? I’d like to see what I can do to get the ball rolling again.

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I have been working with David De Casas <> . Happy to provide an introduction.

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Hello Michelle, 

I would check out Acumatica’s partner Minisoft. Minisoft is a FreightPOP partner and sells a direct connector between the two solutions. As Louisa Gooding mentioned, I would reach out to David De Casa. David is the account executive assigned to Minisoft and knows all about the Minisoft Connector. 


Miranda Dowler  

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Hi All:

This community post is really helpful. Our company has several prospects which distributes/trucks their products themselves to their customers. Those prospects are in the following markets:

  • Wholesale distributor of building supplies
  • Manufacturers of furniture, bikes (Peloton bikes) , ..
  • Grocery producers
  • Wholesale stores (non food): P.C Richards,
  • Commercial lInen supply and laundry services
  • 3PLs: very hot market!
  • Trucking companies

These prospects have their own trucks to deliver their products to their customers, to their retail customers, to their other warehouses, etc. They don’t use 3PLs. (Acumatica Partner ASC application handles 3PL when a prospect uses 3PL.. I have to check on Procesweaver ).

I don’t want to mention the Food Service (wholesale distributors)  market which also uses their own trucks, because the NexVue Prime Food Solution takes care of the TMS.

I think that the general requirements of Transportation Management Systems (TMS) are as follows:

  1. Management of trucks
    1. Availability schedule
    2. Capacity and size details
    3. Utilization reports
  2. Management of drivers
    1. Availability
    2. Certifications (CDL A, B, ..)
  3. Dispatch delivery 
    1. Route management
      1. Assigning of customers to a route, and maybe a trip. 
        1. Route optimization software is available
      2. Assigning trucks to routes
      3. Assigning trucks to a trip (route on a certain day to certain customers)
    2. Driver management
      1. Assigning drivers to a truck
    3. Optimal truck loading is nice to have
  4. GPS routing as in Acumatica Field Service
  5. Fleet tracking via GPS (where are my trucks)
  6. Time management of drivers

Shipping software (starship, accuship, ..) doesn’t satisfy above requirements. 

Thanks for keeping me informed. We really need it. 

Toon Six

I am looking for load optimization software with Acumatica.  If anyone has created an integration please let me know




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