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  • 23 December 2021
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Good day,

Does anyone have any ideas/or maybe some documentation on how to set-up an update from an existing tenant to another tenant.  We have production tenant that needs to be update from a development tenant.  The development site has be updated/migrated with information from QB for prior and 2021 AP and AR, Customers, COA, etc. transactions which we now need to move into production.  Production has only 2021 data.  I can’t use Snapshots because the dev tenant is four months old and we are updating or adding new production transactions (none which are been posted).  Our vendor is working on programming a connections between to the two tenants and communicate updates to from dev to production.  
Any insights?  Or have has anyone done a similar project before.

Happy Holidays


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Hi @EvanG 

Are those two tenants on ‘separate’ instances on different servers or are those two tenants on same ‘Instance’ and server?

If on same ‘Instance’, you can use Snapshots or option to ‘Copy company’. What I understand is to replace production tenant with the entire data on Development tenant.

If Tenants are on separate instance/ server, one can use snapshots. Snapshots can be used for DB size upto to 1 GB on our Saas and can be extended upto to 2 GB on PCS installation (workaround for larger snapshots given below, applies to non saas environment). 

Hope this helps.


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Hi @vkumar 

Thank you for your suggestions. Copying snapshots won’t work.  My production tenant (in the same instance) is active.  We are going to take the production tenant snapshot and have the updated/dev tenant update the production tenant and then discontinue/inactivate the current production tenant.  I have vendor working the programming. 

If you are interested in learning more, I can get you in contact with them.



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