Importing Invoices With Tax Total

  • 9 July 2021
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I am trying to import historical invoices into Acumatica using the out-of-the-box ACU Import AR Invoices import scenario. My file has a column for total tax which I tried to map to the tax total field on the invoice header. After running the import scenario, the invoices are created but the tax total remains 0. 

I suspect this is because the field is greyed out/disabled on the invoice entry screen. I tried to enable the field using both the ASPX editor and by setting the Enabled property of the PXUIField attribute in code. Neither of these worked, the field is still disabled. 

Does anyone know how to enable the tax total field, or have had success importing tax amounts for historical invoices?


Best answer by ChandrasekharM 10 July 2021, 20:33

Hi @maxp78 Please find the below screenshots for your reference to define the Taxzones, Tax Categories




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Are you doing this in migration mode?

The documentation I’ve read suggests that import scenarios essentially automate what you can key within the UI, so I think you’re correct that if you can’t do it manually you will run into limitations.


Yes this is in migration mode. 

My understanding is that the tax total field is calculated based on the entries in the Tax Details tab of the invoice screen. In fact, from testing it seems that the invoice balance validation uses the tax details instead of the tax total field. So even if I was able to plug something into that field, the invoice would still read out of balance. 

I believe I’ll have to import some fudged tax details to get the document total correct. 

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Hi @maxp78 You can define a Taxzone called Manualzone and configure the new taxzone to enter the tax details manually vs automatically populating. And then, import the tax into the Tax Details tab.



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Hi @maxp78 Please find the below screenshots for your reference to define the Taxzones, Tax Categories





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