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We are needing to import data from multiple sheets in the same excel workbook. However, we have been told that all data must be on the first sheet in order pull. Has anyone else experienced this? What was your solution?  

Also, once you have hit the upload button a common settings box pops up. Does anyone know what the null value field represents? We haven’t been able to get a clear answer. 


Thanks in advance for any help/clarification you can provide. 


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Hello @mnecaise ,

Acumatica offers multiple ways to import data from Excel. The simplest method, using ‘Import from file’ button located just above the grid area of many screens, is the simplest import method and the only method that is limited to reading from the first tab of the Excel workbook. Import from File loads only one batch or document at a time.

Excel The way around using the first tab only is to import via Import Scenarios instead.

I have been importing to Acumatica for about 10 years and have never needed to use the Null Value field. Perhaps someone else can answer that part of your question.



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Hi @mnecaise you can access multiple tabs the spreadsheet using your data provider:



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The NULL value is used to replace the NULL value of the imported fields with the provided replacement value. To be honest there is no use for it or at lyi have never seen or heard someone use it.


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