Import Scenario to “Employee Time Activities” screen

  • 9 December 2021
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Hello, I am new to Acumatica.

I am building an import Scenario for the “Employee Time Activities” screen.
The data is coming-in via a .CSV file (provided by an external source).
The Project number is coming-in from the .CSV file non-segmented.
The Project number segmented in Acumatica. (xx-xx-xxxxx). 

I have tried this two ways (in the .CSV file):

  1. Project number as segmented. Result: Field: Project, Value: SP-21-095, Error: 'Year' of 'Project' does not exist in the system.
  2. Project number as non-segmented. Result: error: Nullable object must have a value

When manually entering an Employee Time Activity record, I notice that Acumatica inserts default values the following columns: Hold, Status, Data, Time, Earning Type,
Time Spent, Billable, Billable Time,

and then copies values from the previous record columns: Project, Project Task, and Description.

It was suggested to me that bringing in the Project number as non-segmented was preferred.


Has anyone encountered the two errors (above) before?

How did you resolve?

Can you point me to an online reference that is related?


Thank you in advance.

-Ken Severud 


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9 replies

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Hi @kseverud34 

Since the Project segment key has multiple segments, Acumatica automatically try determine the segment value from the string supplied for Project ID. 

Looks like you have enabled ‘validate’ for the segment key ‘Year’. 

  • If you prefer to keep ‘validate’ enabled for the segment key, do enter values on Segment values (CS203000) screen in advance (the one you have on your import data, in this case 21??)
  • Else, you can disable ‘validate’ on Segment key screen for Project segment, that will allow you import any value without a need to set them in advance on Segment value screen. 

Hope this helps,


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Also, the dashes in the field are just a mask.  Try importing the field without any dashes in the data.  I have had to do that for segmented keys before.

Thank you VijayKumarU and MRoszkowski15. I used both answers. I appreciate your help!! 

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Hi @kseverud34 

Were you able to get the issue resolved with the input? Curious to know if the issue has been sorted at your end. 


Hi vkumar, (thanks again for your help) It’s moving along but, I am still chasing down the error: Nullable object must have a value

It appears that there is a default value (that is not in my import file) that Acumatica must have to pass validation. Debugging that now.


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Hi @kseverud34 

Please provide your import scenario xml file to review. 

Hi vkumar, I have included my import Scenario and the the .CSV file that I am using.

Thank you in advance for your review.


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Hi @kseverud34 

Made slight changes, you can compare with previous one. Let me know if this works.


Hi VijayKumarU,

It appears that your changes have resolved my error: Nullable object must have a value. 

I have some other Sample data (setup issues) to work through but I think I’m ok at the moment.

Best Regards,

-Ken Severud


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